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Paradiso LMS Awarded

Paradiso LMS Awarded 2 Learning Management System Awards

After years of providing an unmatched e-Learning solution to our customers, reputed B2B software experts from FinancesOnline have awarded Paradiso LMS 2 of their prestigious awards. In recognition of our achievements, the experts also listed us among their top 20 LMS software systems.

Paradiso LMS awarded for Great User Experience

With Paradiso LMS being a bang-for-the-buck all-in-one system for businesses and organizations, we received FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience award for best learning management system comparison. This recognition is given to distinguished applications that are designed with the user in mind, and which don’t come with a long learning curve.

In the case of Paradiso LMS, our web-based solution was praised for serving effectively and instantly the needs of each institution—whether it’s for use in the field of education or the upper echelon of organizations. Paradiso LMS goes above and beyond industry standards with features such as multi-tenant architecture for expanding training initiatives, mobile support for on-the-go accessibility, gamification support for a more exciting learning experience, and many more.

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Paradiso LMS awarded as the Rising Star

FinancesOnline also bestowed us its Rising Star award, indicating that our software has quickly climbed the ladders of learning management systems and pleased our clients. This recognition is supported by our high 99 percent user satisfaction rating on FinancesOnline.


Aside from the expert opinion of its critics, FinancesOnline uses the SmartScore system to get a holistic view of each software solution it reviews, which analyzes elements such as integration, ease-of-use, main functionality, and much more.

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