5 Tools for LMS that Every Industry Should Be Using

These are some features that every industry should be using:


  1. Multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy is a new trend that is being used by a lot of companies in oreder to save money and time. Paradiso LMS has developed it and its basically divides your house (LMS) into different sections and to each section you give an individual door.

This saves time when it comes down to managing, you can manage all your sections at once or individually also set an admin for each section if you want.

One of the biggest benefits of have Paradiso Multi-tenent feature is that each section is not aware of the other.


  1. Gamification

Gamification is great way to reach the new area of learners, you know the ones that love to play with their gaming devices and have been doing so for quite some years now. The way that this works is by piggybacking on the brain pathways that have been created when playing games like Call of Duty or Halo.

With this in mind all your students or clients will be motivated to study or learn with out their knowledge because it just became FUN TO LEARN.


  1. Webex

Webex is a great way to have virtual classrooms, you can set up and autoinvite all the students from a particular class or cohorts, have it set up so it schedule on their calendar, this could be a recurring event or a one time event you can set this up. This has the advantages of Webex but with the comfort of having all the students in one place.

  1. Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a great way to get your business on the road or rather on line faster by giving your clients a better access to your courses or products (pdf, videos, conferences, merchandise, memorabilia, etc.)

Ecommerce help your business to grow and reach new brackets of clients as well as to be much more efficient.

With our Ecommerce you can set it up so when clients buy a course, video, pdf, etc. They can be auto-enrolled or receive the item in an instant; when they buy a tangible all the infor can go to the right department automatically.


  1. Integration With Other Systems

Paradiso LMS is an open source therefore it can be integrated with any other system just like gears on a clock, you can integratre systems like customer relations management, content management systems, accounting softwares, social media, etc. Now a days most companeis build their softwares with apis (application which access) because they know that users want everything accesible from one place. Paradiso Solutions is an expert in making integrations between Paradiso LMS and other systems.


Virtual Programming Lab (this one I just love)


the virtual programming lab is a place where you can have students that are learning how to write programs on languages such as  php,c, c++, python, java, etc write programs test them out on the lab, have teachers review them and grade them. A great feature of the lab is that you cannot copy and paste and so all the students have to do their own work. These are 5 Tools for LMS that every organization should be using.

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Freddy Vega

Fred is a sales professional and former educator with over 15 years experience in high technology sales. His focus is on technological convergence, cloud based e-learning, sales enablement & channel training platforms. You can find him on and Send him an Email at [email protected]

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