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The training processes of a company largely determine the success and progress of it. Before choosing a platform that deals with corporate training, it is important that you take a look and compare the features and specifications of different Learning Management Systems. We want to help you with that. We want to share with you our top LMS companies in UK (United Kingdom).

Before going deep into what the Top LMS companies in UK can offer, let’s see how your company can benefit from the adoption of an eLearning platform for corporate training.

Demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) is one of the biggest challenges faced by e-Learning professionals due to the methodology of their training programs. To understand that you must know the benefits that justify an inversion in the development of an e-Learning career trajectory.

It is known that a well-structured e-learning strategy can maximize the return on your investment in training; it’s just a matter of how these results can be seen and measured. At first sight, some of the enormous benefits may include (but are not limited to) time and money savings on physical trips to the location where training, availability, flexibility, and accommodation of the classes are offered, which implies total accessibility of the content without considering the place and the cost savings when delivering content to a large audience.

No commercial decision about the Learning Management System or online training should be considered without taking into account the Return on Investment (ROI). Although e-learning cannot completely replace classroom training, it has many advantages. At this time, many of the larger corporations have already implemented this type of education as a way to reduce training costs and maximize production, especially due to their diverse populations and multiple facilities in different cities, States and even countries.

In this way, when adopting an eLearning platform, make sure that it meets the specific needs of your company, so that in this way you can guarantee the success of your corporate training and of course, the increase of company’s ROI.

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Here are the Top LMS Companies in UK that will help you take your training programs to the next level

Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS is a very robust platform that has a lot of features and integrations, making a complete platform that fits the institutions and organizations needs. Some of them are:

  • Course Management: you can add/remove/edit courses. You also can choose from various activities to make your courses interactive and useful. The LMS for foreign language counts with a wiki, chat, forums, quizzes, surveys, assignments etc.
  • Advanced Analytics and Robust LMS Reports: The LMS dashboard provides easy access to the system information, enabling you to make the right decisions and gain insight into the data. Paradiso LMS reports is one of the best LMS that has a report builder to help you create custom and personalized reports and email them to relevant parties.
  • eLearning portals: you can employ customized branding for each department in your university, school, company or institutions. You retain centralized control but can still delegate certain functionality to each tenant.
  • Learning Paths: You can build Learning Paths according to the students’ needs, and provide a more effective eLearning process.
  • Competencies: Define the competencies that your students must achieve in order to develop specific skills.
  • Gamification: Create a sense of challenge, competition, and fun via a leaderboard for individual courses or the entire program. You can use badges and points as a great way to motivate your students.
  • Video conferencing: our eLearning software can be integrated with video conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Big Blue Button, Google Hangouts, etc . Get access to remote classes, webinars or online company events right from the Learning Management System platform.
  • Mobile Learning: it opens the learning process up further by providing access to learning content on and offline and in any device is convenient – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Get the Maximum ROI out of Paradiso LMS

Once you purchase Paradiso LMS, one of the best e-learning software in the industry, you’d save a lot of money on delivering ongoing online training, compared to booking trainers for face-to-face/classroom training. Implementing a cloud LMS is generally cheaper!

The measurement of LMS ROI needs both, quantitative and qualitative measurements (specific needs, processes, objectives & indicators). Getting an LMS you can improve appraisal processes, get better skills management and granular reporting capabilities… the opportunities are endless!

Talent LMS

Talent LMS is one of the easiest to use cloud-based Learning Management Systems in terms of course management features, learning delivery a white-labeling that’s also enterprise-friendly.

Its responsive design enables Talent LMS to be accessed from any mobile device. Their LMS platforms provide easy-to-understand analytics reports. Talent LMS also offers the chance to customize your platform according to your branding needs.

360 Learning LMS

360Learning is designed to help fast-growing companies reach their business objectives. It presents features like asynchronous Learning, Blended Learning, built-in Course Authoring, Corporate/Business, eCommerce, eLearning Companies, Gamification, Learner Portal, Mobile Learning, SCORM Compliance, Synchronous Learning, and Video Conferencing.


Canvas LMS has the standard tools like notifications, collaboration space and web conferencing. The cloud solution is ideal for medium-sized business and enterprise. Their LMS lets you add new apps to enhance your courses. The interface is intuitive and optimizes the learning process. Other key features about this LMS include audio and video messages, LIT integrations, social media integration, and RSS support.


Moodle is a Free and open source LMS. Its modular plugin-based design enables administrators to add or create features as needed. Moodle offers an entirely viable learning management service that is free, open source, and rapidly advancing. The LMS Platform developed by Paradiso Solutions uses Moodle as a foundation and on top of this, builds a great and enhanced platform.

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