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What is LMS

What is a Learning Management System?

Before we dive into Top LMS companies in the UK, let’s discuss some basics of LMS. LMS is an acronym for the learning management system, enabling companies and educational institutions to create, manage and deliver online learning programs and other training materials. An LMS can also track the users’ learning activities to measure their performance and effectiveness of training programs.

Benefits of LMS

Benefits of Using an LMS

A well-implemented LMS streamlines the training process and makes learning more straightforward, easier, and more effective. The online learning platform provides numerous benefits over traditional learning methods. Below are few benefits of using an LMS in your organization:

  1. An LMS allows you to learn at your own time and pace and create a customized learning environment. Additionally, it is a cost-effective and cost-efficient method of learning as it reduces traditional training-related costs.
  2. It can record and track all learning activities and saves data in one location, which is accessible easily. LMS integration with other necessary systems can help to generate an accurate report of your learners.
  3. It offers powerful features like easy course creation tools to develop interactive courses in few clicks. These courses can add more fun with features like gamification, personalized learning path, and blended learning.
  4. Online learning platforms facilitate social learning, motivating learners to achieve their learning goals and share their team members’ achievements.
  5. A learning management system like Paradiso LMS comes up with customization features. You can also personalize the LMS and change the learning software’s color, theme, logo, and feel.

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LMS Companies

Top LMS Companies in the UK

There are so many LMS software available in the market. Finding the right learning management system depends on your learning goals, features you require, L&D strategies, and budget. We have selected the top LMS companies in the UK and will describe about these best LMS platforms below:

Paradiso LMS is one of the top LMS companies in the UK that offer a powerful eLearning platform. It is a multiple award-winning and cloud-based LMS company that offers powerful features and a robust set of tools for the best online learning experiences. Paradiso is web-based, highly customizable, and easy to use LMS with intuitive user interference. The company is known for its gamification, social learning, virtual classroom, and other features. Paradiso LMS offer a top LMS in the UK for corporate training and educational institutes. Both Corporate LMS and Educational LMS provide an engaging learning experience to the learners.

paradiso listical logo


  1. Paradiso Multilingual LMS supports more than 120 languages. Along with this, you can offer a personalized learning path that can meet your tailored learning needs.
  2. This LMS platform's incredible multi-tenancy feature allows you to create customized LMS for your branches with its design and theme.
  3. The features such as gamification, cloud LMS, fully customizable, easy to use, mobile compatible make this LMS unique.
  4. It has a nice mobile app with SCORM support that provides access to most of the desktop version functionality.


  1. Some pages load very slowly. navigation from one page to another is also slow
  2. It has some bugs, which is annoying but harmless.
  3. It needs a regular update in UI.
  • Day One Tech

Day One Tech

Day One Technologies LMS is best suited for small companies with thousands of employees who can benefit from this training platform. Day One Tech is one that offers outstanding features that enhances the overall learning experience in businesses, government, and third sector organizations. The LMS allows you to build scenario-based learning content that can be used for both online and blended learning. Day One Tech enables you to customize your LMS as per your requirement, so you can change your domain address, logo and choose a different color scheme.

Unit 55, Batley Business and Technology Centre
Grange Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 6ER, UK


  1. Day One bespoke LMS solutions delivers a completely tailored platform.
  2. The ease of adding courses, materials and create learning paths has been a wonder. The ability to create our custom email templates, landing page, and branding has made the LMS our own rather than appearing to be from a third party.
  3. It offers content authoring to develop your own content to meet your training objectives.
  4. It also provides features like Gamification, leaderboards, and AR- VR activities for better learner engagement.
  5. The LMS provides learner analytics and reports to gauge learning in your organization.


  1. Day One Tech LMS platform doesn’t provide any tools for making their learning content available in several languages.
  2. It does not offer a proper onboarding course.
  3. The reporting feature needs some improvement.
  • Absorb LMS

A cloud-based learning management system, Absorb LMS offers end-to-end eLearning solutions to boost engagement and learning outcomes. It comes up with many advanced features and tools that effectively empower you to deliver online training. This LMS is available on all devices so that you can access the courses anytime, anywhere. Absorb LMS is one of the top LMS companies in the UK specially designed to enhance learners’ engagement and deliver better learning outcomes while still extremely scalable and usable. It is an award-winning learning platform that helps promote the continuous learning of employees.

41 Corsham Street
London, United Kingdom
Absorb LMS


  1. Absorb is a well-rounded LMS that offers advanced learning solutions suited for businesses, including onboarding and development of employees, customer and partners training, and more.
  2. Ease of course creation and has branded dashboards. It has easy and simple search page options for badges, courses, and certificates.
  3. It has a highly responsive team addressing any concerns or issues.
  4. The mobile version of the LMS is very intuitive and user friendly.


  1. The back-end is not intuitive, and it's a little buggy.
  2. The multi-tenancy feature of this LMS is not working smoothly. It needs some improvement.
  3. Reporting features still need a bit of development to allow for more control and options for what should be saved in the report export document.
  • Docebo


One of the top LMS companies in the UK, Docebo is a cloud-based LMS vendor that provides the most scalable and adaptable eLearning solutions. It is customizable learning software that perfectly fits your personalized learning needs. Docebo comes up with easy content delivery that improves learner’s engagement and helps to track performance quickly. The company claims that its AI feature allows a holistic approach to online learning. It provides comprehensive LMS features along with an organized interface. Docebo comes up with a robust feature that empowers companies to provide quality online training programs.

6th floor,
48 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V 0EJ
United Kingdom


  1. Docebo offers a built-in course marketplace where you can purchase ready-to-launch courses for your organization.
  2. It comes up with an easy course creation feature to add video, SCORM, and xAPI packages. It allows you to create HTML pages containing plain text and media also to embed web objects.
  3. It offers great customization functionality, it allows you to create your own branded mobile app, but you have to pay additional fees for that.
  4. It provides numerous integrations with webinar services and SSO providers.


  1. The user interface is clumsy and unintuitive. It is difficult to understand several options and menus, which makes it complicated.
  2. Its Instructor-Led Training Course creation features are a bit tedious, need improvement.
  3. No onboarding support, and it has a clumsy and unintuitive user interface.

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  • SAP litmos

SAP Litmos is best suited for large-scale organizations worldwide with more than a hundred employees. It is one of the top LMS in the UK for schools and universities and has powerful features like virtual classes, web conferencing tools, gamification, social learning, and more. It comes up with an amazing reporting feature that can be downloaded and scheduled for export to a specific email address as CSV or PDF documents. This LMS has a simple mobile app, user-friendly interface, many valuable integrations, and add-ons.

The Scalpel
52 Lime St
London EC3M 7AF
United Kingdom
SAP litmos


  1. SAP Litmos come up with a simple mobile app with all the features that its desktop version offers.
  2. It offers various ready to use integration and add-ons that expand its functionality and provide customization feature for the personalized learning experience.
  3. This learning platform offers social learning with a discussion forum and gamification that makes learning fun and interesting.
  4. It provides great learning content, especially onboarding courses.


  1. The quality support service is poor, it needs an improvement.
  2. Litmos doesn’t provide a good reporting feature and detailed reports cannot be generated. You will get the usual statistics for courses and learning paths only.
  3. The user interface is unintuitive and sloppy.
  • Svelte LMS

Svelte LMS

One of the top LMS companies in the UK, Svelte works best to train customers, partners, resellers, or large companies’ employees. It is one of the top LMS in the UK for corporate training and educational institutes. This LMS platform comes up with easy course creation and allocation to specific learners defining learning paths, and web conferencing tools to make learning more interactive and interesting. It offers blended learning, mobile learning, and excellent integration with necessary systems that enhance the overall learning experiences.

7 Maisies Way Alfreton
Derbyshire DE55 2DS


  1. It offers easy to use course creation tool, you can upload videos, PDF, and PowerPoint files quickly. It is super easy to rearrange content, add quizzes, surveys and update course requirements.
  2. The report capabilities of this LMS are very simple, and you can generate detailed reports in just a few clicks.
  3. It allows access from different devices like laptop, tablet, or mobile device or desktop. You can have an anytime, anywhere learning approach.
  4. It has an intuitive user interface that can help you deliver training robustly.


  1. The advanced reporting feature needs some improvement.
  2. Customizing certificates for completion of courses is not available.
  3. Sometimes its implementation can be complex.

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  • Talent LMS

In our top LMS companies in the UK list, we have selected TalentLMS as one of the best LMS platforms that offer robust learning solutions. It is a cloud-based learning management software that comes with a bunch of attractive features and solutions. This LMS provider comes up with features like built-in authoring tools, blended learning, gamification, certification management, and more. It is suitable for companies of all sizes looking to build online courses for any purpose in a few easy clicks. This software has been adapted for use across e-learning companies, academic institutes, corporate/business houses, and more.

239 Kensington High Street,
1st Floor
W8 6SN, United Kingdom
Talent LMS


  1. TalentLMS offers intuitive learning experiences and supports SCORM and TinCan (xAPI) efficiently, and handles CMI5 packaging, too.
  2. TalentLMS come up with advanced multitenancy, which simplifies your extended enterprise training programs. You can also white-label your LMS and customize it as per your choice and add your logo, theme, and design.
  3. It allows for more than ten different Single Sign-On connections.
  4. It has cutting-edge e-commerce capabilities, the dedicated plug-ins for WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce will make it easier to promote your content and publish it online.


  1. The reporting feature needs some improvement as it only provides few details in reports. It doesn’t include real analytical feedback on learners’ progress.
  2. TalentLMS is much more expensive based on the number of users when compared to other LMS companies,
  3. The UI is clunky and might get difficult for the instructors to get to the student reports that are needed.
  • Cornerstone


Cornerstone Learning is a robust learning management system that enables you to create a culture of continuous learning in your organization. This eLearning platform offers an intuitive user interface and engaging learning content for your employees’ training. Cornerstone offers top LMS in the UK for schools and universities. With vigorous configuration options, Cornerstone provides a fully customizable LMS to meet your unique needs. The company offers several attractive features that include easy course creation where you can add audio, video, digital docs, instructor-led, and virtual reality to make it exciting and engaging.

4 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AR


  1. Cornerstone is suitable for companies in all industries. This LMS platform manage any one-time or recurring certification or licensing requirements
  2. It offers a comprehensive range of customization that enables you to design your custom LMS with a unique theme, design, and functionality preferences depending on business needs.
  3. It has 360 review ability and allows you to add quick notes to keep track of employees' overtime.
  4. It offers custom reports, report scheduling, and detailed reports on learners’ activities, including course enrollment, course completion time, results, feedback from users, and more.


  1. Cornerstone offers fewer integration options, especially the HR integration given in cornerstone LMS is poor and needs more improvement.
  2. The performance appraisal gets very complicated when you have several different types of performance appraisals that are given to certain groups of employees.
  3. The user interface is unintuitive and a bit outdated.

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  • Canvas

Canvas is one of the top LMS companies in the UK and suited best for education and specially designed to better engage users in the teaching and learning processes and increase its users’ productivity. It is the top LMS in the UK for schools and universities and has powerful course creation tools to create engaging learning programs. Canvas LMS offers comprehensive and high-quality mobile learning experiences. It provides native mobile apps that allow you to get access from anywhere at any time. This LMS has integrated tools like Google documents, Ether pad, and media reporting for a better customer experience. Canvas LMS has features like collaborative learning, gamification, and more to enhance the overall learning experience.

Instructure Global Ltd
New Penderel House, 4th Floor, 283-288 High Holborn


  1. Canvas is extremely flexible and user friendly and allows instructors to duplicate individual assignments.
  2. It has several valuable integrations including, Crocodoc for online paper commenting and grading.
  3. Canvas allows users to personalize content, courses, and pages. It enables you to change the logo, color, and theme of your LMS.
  4. It has sophisticated course creation tools to design interactive and engaging learning material.


  1. The interface can seem cluttered at times; it needs some improvement.
  2. Its mobile app is unintuitive and needs improvement as it often misses notifications and assignments.
  3. The navigation from one page to another is very slow.
  • Looop


In our list of best learning software, we have added Looop as one of the LMS provider in the UK. It is easy to use, requires zero maintenance, and comes up with flexible course building capabilities. It delivers learning to your employees with deep engagement and insights. Looop allows you to create sophisticated dashboards and create benchmark initiatives that support business analytics. Looop is an affordable LMS that offers incredible features like advanced reporting, gamification, easy course creation, virtual classroom platform, and more. This software integrates with multiple software that gives your employees an effortless UX that makes accessing resources a breeze.

London, United Kingdom


  1. Looop LMS allows a high degree of automization, personalization and individualization.
  2. Looop offers SCIM integration for user management to fetch user insights and feedback.
  3. Looop allows you to customize the platform under your domain, add your logo, choose your brand color that easily integrates into your corporate look and feel.
  4. It offers to integrate seamlessly with your products.


  1. Looop does not provide robust documentation process within the LMS.
  2. Looop does not provide eCommerce management.
  3. It is less relavant to educational purposes.
  4. User insights reporting is not adequate.

One of the best LMS providers in the UK with a strong eLearning platform is Paradiso LMS. This cloud-based LMS provider, which has won numerous awards, provides strong functionality and a comprehensive range of tools for the greatest online learning experiences. Paradiso is a web-based, highly customizable, user-friendly learning management system. Gamification, social learning, virtual classrooms, and other elements are well-known for the organization. For educational institutions and corporate training, Paradiso LMS provides a leading LMS in the UK. The learners are given an interesting learning experience by both corporate and educational LMS.

paradiso listical logo
  1. With the aid of an LMS, you may design a personalized learning environment and learn at your own pace. Additionally, because it lowers the costs associated with traditional training, it is a cost-effective and efficient form of learning.
  2. All learning activities can be recorded and tracked, and data is saved in a single, easily accessible area. An accurate report of your learners can be produced with the assistance of LMS integration with other essential systems.
  3. It includes strong features including simple tools for creating interactive courses that can be created in a few clicks. With elements like gamification, a tailored learning path, and blended learning, these courses can be made more enjoyable.
  4. Online learning environments support social learning by encouraging students to accomplish their learning objectives and celebrate the successes of their teammates.
The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

These were some of the top LMS companies in the UK. These top LMS solutions come with their unique capabilities. Select the right LMS as per your business requirements, budget, learning style, and team size. If you want to purchase an LMS and not sure which one is the best LMS software in UK in the market. Try Paradiso’s free demo today and see how easily you can deliver an effective online learning program for your organization.

Paradiso’s learning platform has features that offer a smarter way to teach your employees better learning experiences.

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