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What is Corporate Learning and Development?

Learning and Development is one of the most effective training techniques to enhance the employee’s skills and start implementing education programs focused on the promotion and growth of them and the company as well.

A Corporate Learning and Development strategy works as an insurance for companies that want to keep happy, skilled employees avoiding desertion and looking up to be on the top of the most valuable companies no matter the market or production sector.

Corporate Learning and Development implementation can bring many benefits, amongst them:

  • Get all your training initiatives on the right track by implementing Learning and Development strategies along with your company.
  • Set specific goals for each employee.
  • Create soft or complex training courses, customizable according to your needs.

Corporate Learning and Development Benefits

  • Enhance your staff members productivity

    By receiving the necessary product training, the employee is more capable of performing his work. Training will give your employees more understanding of what has to do with their specific work and this will increase their level of confidence.

  • Increase the satisfaction degree and belonging of your employees

    A well-implemented learning and development program is insurance for your employees. By reaching the proposed goals and acquiring the necessary skills, they can get access to better positions in the company and get not only economic but also social and personal rewards thanks to the training carried out in Paradiso LMS.

  • Find and attack the weak spots of each employee

    Corporate Learning and development will allow you to identify the shortcomings of each employee and create customized trainings to perfect and attack with specific content each weakness. This will undoubtedly increase the productive capacity by reducing the number of weak links in the production chain, making all of your employees acquire similar skills and bringing them to the same level in terms of general knowledge.

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  • Corporate Learning and development allows your company to reach the highest quality standards

    The use of virtual training platforms will bring efficiency to training. This combined with specialized eLearning strategies for every training need can ensure the success and quality of your workforce.

    With the implementation of different learning methods such as competency-based or learning paths you can take your learning and development programs to the next level and reach the highest quality goals of the market.

  • Make your company more attractive to both customers and potential employees

    Having a competency-based training strategy, with solidity and quality content, will help develop your brand as an employer and make your company more attractive for professionals who seek to grow and continue to learn in the workplace.

    The focused training provided by Learning and Development is very attractive for good professionals who intend to grow within their work field and increase their knowledge to stay current in the market.

  • Avoid employee desertion with quality training

    Your employees are more likely to feel valued if you invest in them and they are fostered in learning without having to leave their work, making them engage and develop a feeling of gratitude with the company. Learning and development is an additional benefit for your enterprise and this means that recruitment costs decrease dramatically due to staff satisfaction.

  • Corporate Learning and development programs could increase the creativity levels and foster the innovation

    Maintaining a study and research environment will create highly creative employees, who through online learning and their daily work will be inspired to propose new techniques, explore different methods and contribute with their knowledge to innovate with fresh ideas.

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We won’t use words to describe our achievements. Our awards, recognitions and customer satisfaction do the talking for us. Need we say more?

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Corporate Learning and Development Benefits

  • Paradiso LMS for Corporate Learning and Development is Fully Customizable

    Customize the look and feel of our LMS to reflect your brand identity. You can also adjust the layout and dashboard to fit your own needs.

  • eCommerce Integration

    Our LMS works with major sales platforms – such as WooCommerce, Drupal, authorize.net, Magento and PayPal – allowing you to easily sell your eLearning courses online and boost revenue.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Track progress of your learners across multiple platforms with our unprecedented LMS for Corporate Learning and Development. Users can also judge their performance by checking their own performance against others on leaderboards.

  • CRM Integration

    Our LMS integrates with all major CRM software, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and SugarCRM. Our LMS automatically retrieves customer and employee data from the CRM, while the CRM syncs learner data from the LMS.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Whether you want to integrate with a CRM, eCommerce or any other application, our LMS offers SSO technology. Use one ID to sign in just once to the LMS or any of the integrations we provide.

  • Multi-Tenant

    With just one LMS instance and one central database, host a vast number of different departments – customers, partners, vendors – under the same Learning Management System, each with their own access rights and branding.

  • Learning Paths

    Our LMS allows the creation of training programs based on competencies development and learning paths. This brings effectiveness in the way that managers or site admins can identify the potential talents or the biggest failures for each employee and build a learning program around this matter to enhance skills or develop new ones.

  • Video Conferencing

    Training companies can avail the video conferencing integration, as our LMS works with well-known applications like WebEx, Google Hangouts, BigBlueButton and Adobe Connect.

    As a training provider, you can host the LMS on your own and at the same time, you have the option of engaging us for hosting the LMS for you. Trust us, you’ll find the latter option more cost-effective.

  • Social Learning

    With full Tin Can API support and SCORM compliance, our LMS is able to leverage the power of social media to track progress and increase learner engagement, increasing its power as an LMS for Corporate Learning and Development. Training companies can now track more than just simple course progress.

  • Cloud Storage Integration

    Our LMS works together with cloud storage applications like Dropbox and OneDrive, giving you the ability to access, share and collaborate on the files you have stored there. Easily access and import documents and media, then share and collaborate.

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