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Drip Course Content

What is the Drip Course Content ?

To understand what is drip course content? You need to know the term drip-feeding, which refers to ‘introducing fluid drop by drop or provide gradually and in small amounts.’ It is nothing but scheduling the delivery of your online course. You don’t get all content of your course at once; you will get it in stages. As learners progress through the course, they get access to the next part of the content, and eventually, they will have access to the complete course. In some drip-feeding courses, you can access the next level of the content if you purchase or sign-ups for the courses. Drip feeding is a powerful content delivery model to increase your course sales revenue and keep your learners engaged.

Drip Course Content

To drip or not to drip?

Do you want to create your eLearning courses with drip feed content or make it self-paced? Drip-feed learning is very different from self-paced learning, and when it comes to course creation, you have to decide whether to go for drip-feeding or not? If you think your course is complex and your learners need time to understand with repetition, you can go for drip course content. If your course has simpler content and your learners need immediate access, make it self-paced so that they can complete the course at their leisure. Paradiso’s interactive online course creation tool can build drip course content for your training program. Here are some reasons for using drip-feeding content:

  • Engaging learning experience with drip course content

With drip course content, you can keep your learners motivated and engaged. The learners can come back to your course’s content again and again, and that can increase the chances of their purchase of the next level of courses. Drip feed learning strategy can create stronger learning retention for your users.

Drip Course Content -Engaging learning experience
  • Course with large amounts of content

Drip Course Content -Courses with large amounts of content

If your course has a large amount of content that is complex and needs time to digest, then it is better to manage your course and divide it into small parts. Do not overwhelm your learners with lengthy courses and use drip course content and deliver it over a longer period of time.

  • Course with fixed time frame

For this particular drip feed, you don’t get the content all in one go but gain access to it at a set-specific time. For example, a fixed-time course is for 15 weeks; then you can drip your content out to your members on a weekly basis to keep them engaged and moving through the course.

Drip Course Content -Course with fixed time frame
  • No binge-watching all content at once

Drip Course Content -No binge-watching all content at once

If you don’t want to share all your content at once with your learner, you can use a drip learning strategy to prevent your members from downloading all your content at once and then canceling or asking for a refund.

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Drip Course Content

Why to use drip feeding for online training & learning?

There are several benefits of using this content delivery model as it increases sales revenue. If you plan to design your training courses with the drip-feed model, here are some of the benefits you can get.

  • Create structured courses

One of the greatest benefits of drip course content is that you can create structured online training programs for employees at different levels. You can also set expiry dates for access to these courses to ensure employees complete them in a timely manner. With Paradiso’s course creation tools, you can create a drip-feed, a series of online training courses for onboarding, compliance training, sales training, employee training, and more in just a few clicks.

Drip Course Content -Create structured courses
  • Improve employee retention

Drip Course Content -Improve employee retention

The drip-feed course is automated content that creates stronger employee retention. With the overwhelming amount of information, the employee cannot grasp the information, especially the new employees. They have to absorb necessary information like sales scripts, expense report policies, new software, and more. A drip learning system allows you to provide employees and information in small, digestible bits of information.

  • Saves time

In the drip content course, you need to complete an online learning program in fixed days, weeks, and months. With this easy and reliable way of course creation method, you can automate training delivery that saves a lot of time. It allows you to spend more time on other things like creating, marketing, and selling online courses.

Drip Course Content -Saves time
  • Embed microlearning right

Drip Course Content -Embed microlearning right

In this digital age, microlearning is a great way to cater to learners’ shorter attention spans. By breaking up existing online training courses into small chunks and bite-size pieces, you can embed the microlearning approach into the online training program. You can apply this technique to long courses and repurpose the content into microlearning sequences of the short online course to make it more engaging.

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Drip Course Content

How to create drip course content ?

In this article, we have discussed what is drip content and drip learning? Now let look into details on how to use drip-feeding to create engaging online learning courses? Paradiso Composer is a robust online course creation tool specially designed to help you build courses. It comes up with robust features like drip-feeding courses that allow you to create engaging drip feed course content and build self-paced courses for your learners. By below steps you can quickly develop drip course content:

  • Create content for course

To build drip course content in Paradiso’s agile authoring tool, you have to create course material for your learners. Once the courses are ready, you can add features and customize that works best for your employees and learner. Select a course that you want to convert into drip feed content.

Drip Course Content -Create content for course
  • Add sections in the course

Drip Course Content -Add sections in the course

After selecting a course next step, add sections in the course as the drip is only available for course sections. You can add final interactivity in the course before dividing, so you can add gamification, quizzes, polls, videos, audios, and more at this stage.

  • Set a schedule to release the content

Our course creation tool allows you to set a schedule to drip course content on a specific date or a specific number of days after a sign-up. When setting up a drip course content schedule by date, the course section must be activated to drip on that particular date and delivered on the same day to every student. You can also go for drip by days after enrollment or sign up, where the drip course content is released to the learners based on the date they enrolled in the course.

Drip Course Content -Set a schedule to release the content
Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

The popularity of drip content courses increases day by day and is being widely used for designing appealing online learning courses. Drip feeding is an ideal delivery method if you have lengthy and bulky training programs which are more complex. Schedule your content delivery with one of the most powerful content creation tools, Paradiso Composer, which offers a built-in drip course creation feature.

Paradiso composer is an all-in-one course creation platform that allows you to drip out content and build creative online courses.

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