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Now stay connected to alumni with eAlumni


eAlumni – The Alumni Management Software that keeps you
connected no matter where you are.

eAlumni the alumni management software is like an educational or corporate Facebook which helps to keep current or ex students in contact

and supporting each other. Makes friends, share work or ideas, comment and keep up with old work or university colleagues.

Alumni Management Software Benifits

Stay connected to current and ex students

Stay connected to current and ex students

Like any social network you can search for and add friends, reconnect with old colleagues and stay up to date with your old institution.


Keep alumni and current students in line with what’s going on

Organizing a reunion? Need to promote events happening on campus? eCampus works like a closed social network for your institution keeping you in contact with everyone and anyone.

keep alumni and current students in line with whats going on
eLearning Portal for Everyone

eLearning Portal for Everyone

eAlumni is a place where teachers, students and even parents can meet virtually and share experiences and information.

White label eAlumni

With Paradiso’s eAlumni, you can upload your very own college’s or universities logo & brand it accordingly to match your own theme of color and design. This white label eAlumni software is completely customizable software which can be modified to fit your exact needs.

White label eAlumni

Features of Alumni Management Software

Log in with Facebook or Google

Log in with

Facebook or Google

Social sign in with Google or Facebook so that you never lose contact or forget to open eAlumni when you leave.

Instant messaging



Communicate easily with your fellow students or other connections with instant messages.

Organize and Coordinate Reunions with ease

Organize and Coordinate

Reunions with ease

Now you don’t have to worry about out of date alumni data to organize reunions. It’s simple to create, manage and oversee reunion events.

employment opportunities

Leverage the power of your network for employment opportunities

University is as much about the connections you make as it is about the knowledge you absorb. Like LinkedIn you can use eCampus to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances who can help you to get the job you have been wanting.

eCommerce Integration

eCampus integrates seamlessly with eCommerce software, giving the university, school or college the ability to sell merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies, as well as education and reference material and books.

eCommerce Integration
Social tools at your fingertips

Social tools at your fingertips

eAlumni has a number of social features which encourage sharing and interactions:

  • Activity Stream like the Facebook Wall
  • Various discussion forums ordered by theme
  • eCampus blog
  • Groups
  • Calendaring
  • Wikis
  • Job boards
  • Various widgets
  • World map of members
  • Mass Emailing

Why should you choose Paradiso’s eAlumni?

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