Increase user’s engagement using a Game-based Learning Management System


Game-based Learning uses gamification tools or simulation to impart the training and learning content. This form of learning can be seriously adapted to the goals and objectives of your company or institution by defining a specific path in the games used to achieve specific goals.

This is an amazing, immersive, engaging learning experience that will provide your students with something to think, put their efforts into, use their logics and strategic skills to achieve the goals and acquire knowledge.

It distances itself from gamification in the way in which training programs are built around the game concept, that is, the contents are taught through a series of games or simulations adapted to the lessons and course material, instead of having a course with single gamified pieces of content.

Game-based Learning Management System Capabilities

Game dynamics applied to training

Conventional learning can be very boring and monotonous, making users feel disengaged. By employing game-based learning as part of your learning strategy you are injecting fun into the training. This, in turn, makes the learner more likely to remember what he or she has learned, and less likely to abandon their training.

Enhance your eLearning programs with Game-based Learning

Paradiso Solutions understands that game-based learning can truly enhance the learning experience for learners as a complement to traditional instructor-led training. Also, our efforts to deliver a user-friendly platform are translated into the effectiveness of the game-learning experience.

Points system

The points system for game-based learning in Paradiso LMS can be adapted to give more points to certain behaviours or activities. The points system is tailored to your business objectives and contributes to the leaderboard, helping to set, control and achieve the goals.


Badges provide a goal for learners and let them know what can be achieved within the LMS. Instructors can choose their own design and what they want to assign badges too – for example completing a course or a set of games. These badges act as a source of pride and motivation for learners but also to get a wide view of the talent inside your company and follow it. Besides, it can be shared through social tools to increase competition.

Leaderboards in Game-based Learning Management System

Leaderboards are a visual way for learners and instructors to track progress across a variety of games, challenges and activities. They allow learners to check their performance against others, fostering competition and pushing them to work harder.

Moodle CMS Integration

Game-based Learning Management System integrates with Social Learning

Game-based learning integrates with Paradiso LMS’s social tools so that learners can share their achievements, such as badges and leaderboard ranking. They can also start discussions, work together on joint challenges and send private messages.

Custom game-based learning for corporate training

Part of the customization options of Paradiso LMS is the chance to add the information you want to the gamified courses and not only that but choose the way this is applied. Also, you could be able to add your branding and corporate image, control the way the content is delivered through games and makes editions to this as the training goes.

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How can game-based learning management benefit your users?

Motivation: A game-based learning management system can highly motivate students. By integrating game design into the curriculum, educators can easily catch and keep the attention of students.

Fun: With the use of challenges, quests, boss levels and even dungeons, the course activities can be turned into something fun and engaging. These activities can help in effectively imparting knowledge to the students, and achieving the goals of the course.

Competency: After getting the attention of the users, a reward system can also further encourage students. Instead of using high marks or grades to motivate students to study for the course, educators can provide alternative rewards such as badges, experience points and titles.

Time-saving: A Game-based learning management system can allow students to set their own pace. With games, the students can be free to learn at their own rhythm. Games give them some opportunities to choose which tasks they want to do first depending on their current knowledge of the course content and their skills.

Collaborate: Game-based learning can facilitate collaborative work. The social tools can also encourage collaboration and feedback. Features such as discussion forums and video conferences can be taken advantage of.


  • Collaboration and Feedback
  • Activities that aim at gaining and holding students attention while they achieve the course’s goals.
  • Better reward system
  • Game-based learning provides a safe environment to fail
  • Implement challenges and more sociable tools
  • Advanced and fully customizable reports

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