Hosted or Self Hosted Performance Management System?

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Paradiso offers both hosting services and self-hosting implementation

Self-Hosted vs Hosted Performance Management System comparison


Depending on the portability or ease of access you need to the software solution, it may be more relevant to acquire a hosted solution or to host the PMS system on your own servers. A hosted PMS is a more portable system, with the ability to be used anywhere thanks to its mobile abilities and the fact that the information is hosted in the cloud.

A Self-hosted system, on the other hand, is useful for companies that manage a higher degree of complexity, has higher security specifications or requires that the information and implementation of the software to be from a server security purposes, for example.


It is important to be clear about the development time for each specific case, sometimes the availability of the platform for its use may vary depending on the complexity that is required in terms of integrations or custom work.

If the system needs to start operating urgently, the best option is to acquire a hosted Performance Management System since it will be available for use and implementation almost immediately.

On the contrary, if what interests you for your company is to maintain high-security protocols in terms of the information that you manage from your employees you should opt for a self-hosted system. This option not only deals with security requirements, but self-hosted PMS is also ideal for compliance training in companies, merging with an LMS system and all its features for online learning.


Ensuring how much storage space you have for the implementation of the Performance Magagement System will let you know which is the most appropriate option. If you have little space within your servers, definitely opt for a hosted or SaaS PMS solution.

On the other hand, if you have enough storage capacity and want your PMS solution to be implemented alongside with the other software programs you must acquire Self-Hosted Performance Management System.


The amount of custom work that your PMS solution needs is also an important factor when making a decision. If you require a PMS heavily customized, with special developments and integrations for your company, you must choose a self-hosted solution, as you can customize it deeply and maintain the PMS within your own servers.

Maintenance and Support:

Consider the amount of support you will need for the implementation and use of the platform. With hosted PMS, you will receive in-depth technical assistance as the PMS software is still on our servers.

With a self-hosted solution, on the other hand, you must take charge of the platform support and deal with any eventuality that may arise.


Security is a key factor in an automated process. Many times, it is possible that due to the type of company or the information that it handles, it prefers self-hosted PMS to have control of the information that is shared in the network. Likewise, it is important to think that in case of any failure in your servers, all that information can be lost, while implementing a hosted or Cloud PMS solution, you will have the security that gives you a high-quality server, such as the case of Paradiso Performance Management System that uses AWS services.


With a hosted Performance Management System you are more likely to know the exact cost of the software as there will be no extra costs associated with maintenance or upgrades. In a self-hosted solution it is more complicated to make a projection of the real cost because between implementation, hidden costs and operating system updates there may be certain costs that cannot be predicted.

Performance Management Software Features


Be sure to attract the best talent to your company and enhance their skills with the help of our Employee Appraisal Software. Your recruitment site is the first impression that the new potential employees of your company will take and that is why you must have optimized appraisal management software to meet the demands of the market.


The process of onboarding and training of the employee is what ensures its success and permanence within the company. A successful onboarding process must be automated to avoid wasting time on unnecessary processes and thus be able to concentrate all efforts on the employee and not on complex entry procedures.

360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback process helps in gathering feedback from employee’s subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor and at the same time assist with self-evaluation by the employee themselves.

Skill Training

With our employee appraisal management software, you will be able to train your employees in those specific skills that you need them to acquire. Also, detect those members of your staff that are below the rest and provide focused training for them.


Performance appraisal is a feature by which predefined KPI or ORK is documented and evaluated for an individual employee. This appraisal system gets a notification to complete regular reviews of employees.



Competencies support the provision of feedback on what an employee has accomplished and how the complete work was performed. It also helps in achieving consistent results ie KPI’s predefined by the organization.

Advanced Reports

Reports are one of the most important features of any software system that involves the user’s activity. With the Advanced Reports feature you will be able to track and measure every activity that your users or your platform do for you.

Our Performance Management System Integrates with

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Why Paradiso Performance Management Software?

Why Paradiso Performance Management Software?

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