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Changing Learning Experiences With ILT & VILT Solutions

ILT/VILT mode of training has been adopted by 96% of the organizations. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective learning modes today. There are many other forms of learning, like social, collaborative, and blended learning. ILT/VILT mode of training meets today’s needs bringing a life-changing learning experience for leaders, leaders, and employees.

Understanding the Learning
Revolution Brought By ILT/VILT Programs

It is a great time to acknowledge the revolution brought by ILT/VILT programs in the learning industry. However, online learning is provided by more than just platforms like Zoom. The other technologies implementing ILT/VILT programs are:

  • GoTo Meeting
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams

Apart from the above mediums, LMS (Learning Management System) is also a powerful tool used to deliver ILT/VILT solutions. It is an intuitive, user-friendly, and practical approach to online learning. You can choose the learner-centric and interactive platform Paradiso LMS to create, deliver and share online knowledge.


Mode of Training Delivery

The mode of delivery while giving the training plays a significant role. It is essential to ensure that the mode is accessible to every participant. Also, it is interesting to keep the participant engaged in the learning process. The two modes of online training delivery are Instructor Led Training (ILT) & Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).


Instructor-led Training is provided by the trainer (in person or via webinar). The participants can interact with the trainer in real-time and clarify doubts. The various types of ILTs are:

  • One on one
  • Small groups
  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Seminar


Virtual Instructor Led Training is given in a virtual or simulated environment. It can also be used when the learner and trainer are in different locations but can be connected through a medium to deliver and receive the training. The advantage of using VILT mode is that it increases the bandwidth of participants and saves the cost of training space. In addition, the training technique is advanced and engaging to make the learning more effective.

Our Course Catalog

Our courses for the eLearning catalog cover two significant categories – Technical and Non-Technical Courses

Technical Training

  • Data Science
    • Data Science Career Track Bootcamp
    • Data Analyst Bootcamp
    • AI Engineer Bootcamp
    • Data Science with Python Certification
    • Machine Learning with Python
    • Deep Learning Certification Training
  • DevOps
    • DevOps Foundation Certification
    • Kubernetes Training
    • Docker Training
    • Jenkins Training
    • Open stack Training
    • Cloud DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
    • AWS Certified Solution Architect- Associate
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
    • AWS DevOps Certification
    • Azure Fundamentals Certification
    • Azure Administrator Certification
    • Azure Data Engineer Certification
  • Web Development
    • Full Stack Developer Bootcamp
    • UI/UX design Bootcamp
    • Full Stack (Java Stack) Bootcamp
    • React Training
    • Node JS Training
    • Angular Training
    • JavaScript Training
    • PHP and MySQL Training
  • Blockchain
    • Blockchain Professional Certification
    • Blockchain Solutions Architect Certification
    • Blockchain Security Engineer Certification
    • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Big Data
    • Hadoop Administration Course
    • Big data and Hadoop Course
    • Big Data Analytics Course
    • Apache Storm Training
    • Machine Learning with Apache Mahout Training
  • Cyber Security
    • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
    • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
    • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)
    • CISM
    • CompTIA Security+601
    • CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional)
    • COBIT 2019 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies)

Non-Technical Training

Here are some of the most sought-after non-technical training we offer. To get the complete list visit our website.

  • Communication Skills
    • Communication under stress
    • Using Body Language
    • Tone Of Voice
    • Assertive Communication
    • Managing Anger
    • Emotional Literacy
    • Email Etiquette
  • Sales Training
    • Principles of Professional Selling
    • Inbound Sales Training
    • SMART Sales Training Program
    • Accelerate Your Sales
    • SPIN Selling
    • Sales Recruitment Training
    • Value-Based Sales Training Program
    • Engage Selling
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • What is EQ?
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Regulation
    • Emotional Intelligence: Motivation
    • Emotional Intelligence; Empathy
    • Social Skills
    • Conflict Management using EQ
  • Leadership
    • Delegation and Empowerment
    • Being Authentic
    • Inspiring Others
    • Leading Remote Teams
    • Making deals and changes
    • Effective Meetings
    • Relationship Building
  • HR & Compliance Training
    • Anti-Harassment Training
    • Workplace Safety (OSHA)
    • Workplace Violence
    • Workplace Substance Abuse
    • Information Security Training (HIPPA)
    • GDPR
    • HR Law
    • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
    • Company Code of conduct and policies
  • Project Management
    • PMP
    • PRINCE2 Foundation
    • PRINCE2 Practitioner
    • Project Management Techniques Training
    • CAPM Certification Training
    • PgMP Certification Training
    • PfMP Certification Training
    • Microsoft Project Training
  • IT Service Management
    • TOGAF
    • ITIL Certification -Foundation
    • ITIL Practitioner Certification Training
    • ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy

Looking for more? Our plethora of training is ever-growing. Visit our site or book a call for virtual instructor-led training for your desired course.

Simplified Features
That Create Global Experiences

Technology, content, and delivery are the pillars of eLearning. Paradiso VILT Solutions offers user-centric and impactful features to help you have a smooth learning experience. Some key features offered by Paradiso VILT Solutions are:

Why choose Paradiso
  • Interactive Whiteboard: Boards are the traditional method of teaching. In virtual instructor-led training sessions, we provide whiteboards for students and trainers where they can explain topics and take notes and save them for reference in the future.
  • Breakout Rooms: In virtual learning, breakout rooms can be used to create a small group of learners to make learning effective and fun. You can assign tasks to a separate set of learners catering to their style and need to learn.
  • Video Conferencing Tools: Integrating video conferencing tools is an advantage in virtual learning as it allows you to host webinars or live lectures in the best audio and video quality. The mobile-friendly feature makes joining from any device and location easy, simplifying the learning process.
  • Learning Management System: LMS is essential for effective virtual-led training. The platform allows you to create, manage and deliver online learning programs in just a few clicks. Several other robust features associated with the platform make it a hassle-free learning platform for online sessions.
Flexible Curriculum

Flexible Curriculum

The curriculum of the online courses is flexible so that every learner can relate to and grasp maximum knowledge from it.

Repurposed Content

Repurposed Content

The training content in online learning can be reused for another batch of learners saving the cost of modules and trainers. This common practice is called 'content recycling', where the same content can be used in various forms.

Effective Training

Effective Training

ILT and vILT training methods use engaging tools and learning strategies to enhance training effectiveness. For example, there are advanced quizzes, interactive videos, games, etc., for the convenience of today's learner generation.

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

Learners are included from all parts of the world, making it a global collaboration for learning. Thisi experience encourages the learners and gives them a competitive environment to learn and grow.

Insightful Feedbacks

Insightful Feedbacks

Since you have a global audience, you have a fair chance to collect feedback. The learners can send emojis, chat, and share reviews of their learning experiences in training.

Other Products & Services by Paradiso

Paradiso has spread its spectrum of products and services in various areas. As a result, it has become the complete solution for Internal and External training departments.


LMS (Learning Management System)

Corporate LMS to empower your workforce by upskilling. Cost-effective and feature-rich platform.


Cognispark (Authoring Tool)

Easiest and fastest content creation tool with ready-to-use design and content templates.


CourseHub (Course Catalog)

80000+ off the shelf learner-centric engaging content for trending and diverse courses.


Knowlex (Knowledge Base)

Knowledge Management Software to keep your organization's information accessible from anywhere to keep your teams aligned and engaged.


LXP (Learning Experience Platform)

Experience the best eLearning solutions are driven by AI for personalized learning


CourseSmart (Sell Courses Online)

Sell courses online to increase your organization's sales and revenue. Reuse and share content for years.

Build Your Global Classrooms with Paradiso VILT Solutions!

Virtual Instructor Led Training brings the best of classroom learning and online training together. Having an excellent platform to assist you with VILT solutions is a must. Choose a complete package of eLearning solutions with Paradiso and make your investment count.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the difference between ILT and Vilt?

The major difference between ILT and VILT is that a trainer conducts. Instructor-led training at a particular time and location, whereas virtual instructor-led training can be conducted remotely using technology.

How is Vilt different from eLearning?

In VILT, the sessions are conducted between an instructor and participants through an online medium. This is an interactive and indulging mode of learning. Whereas in eLearning, no two-dimensional interaction takes place. The participants learn through the pre-uploaded content library.

How do you convert ILT to Vilt?

In VILT, certain features are used to enhance participants’ engagement and interaction. Gamification is also an approach used to retain the user’s attention. To convert ILT to VILT, you need to add such features to make the learning effective

Why do we need ILT?

A trainer that facilitates the training program is termed an ILT. It is a traditional approach used in learning and has advantages like on-the-spot doubt clearing, scheduling, and real-time feedback sessions. In addition, it is an approach to boost social learning.

What is Vilt content?

In VILT, the content style used is slightly different than in ILT. Since the trainer is virtually present, some techniques like quizzes, videos, and interactive sessions, gamification are used to ensure user engagement. The content may contain graphics and videos to keep the learner indulged. The trainer might also include quizzes and other sessions to test the knowledge retained.

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