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Active learning through interactive online courses


Interactive Online Courses

Enriching The eLearning Community Through Interactive Online Courses

Interactive online courses help to absorb information but somehow spur them to action: communicate, create, reflect, or embed new skills into practice. These courses act as a catalyst and offer high engagement and productivity among learners that is directly proportional to rise in ROI. Interactivity enhances the motivation of participants. In terms of engagement, no matter what kind of medium of training learners go through (online, offline or blended training), a well-arranged interaction works equally well and helps learner to make progress in expanding knowledge and upgrading new skills. For example, when your course module has a list of tasks after every paragraph or sub section, it increases learner’s engagement.

Interactive Online Courses

Why Should Your Online Courses Have Interactivity?

Lack of learner’s interest in online course leads to a waste of resources, recurring errors, and a general failure of a training program. Interactivity in online courses help learners to enhance exploration and improve retention. Additionally, interactive online course provides scenarios that is based on reality and helps learners to implement their knowledge into action. But how to create an interactive online course environment? One simple answer to this query can be Social learning. Social learning through interactive online training provides opportunities for participation and animates the learning community by involving both learners and instructors.

“Interactive online courses have nothing to do with animation, the main cause is improving engagement and learner’s retention.”

Interactive Online Courses

Incorporate Interactive Training Modules to Improve Learning

Learners with the highest levels of engagement in a task are more than likely to remember and recall information than their peers. To maintain engagement in the online courses, Paradiso makes sure it maintains a stability between the complexity of the training and the learner’s ability to grab the information. This helps the learners with active learning in an engaging way and improve productivity. While offering interactive online training our aim remains the same: to help learners not only absorb the information but also help them connect the dots with real-time examples and spur some action through learning.

Interactive Online Course

How To Create An Interactive Online Course?

  • Enriching Course Content With Multimedia

Multimedia technologies facilitate the presentation of adaptive learning materials in different forms. These enrichments are effective in delivering personalized learning material, effective learning content to learners based on their preferences, skills and learning characteristics. Interactive multimedia facilitates collaborative engagement through project-based learning that provides opportunities for authentic collaboration and game- based training to improve learning effectiveness. Multimedia can provide an enhanced or augmented learning experience at low cost per unit through exploration, discovery and experience. With multimedia the communication between instructor and learner through interactive training can be done in more effective manner and enable the instructor to represent the information in various media like sound, videos, animations, text and images.

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Enriching Course Content With Multimedia
Encouraging Students To Collaborate For interactive online course
  • Encouraging Students To Collaborate

To create effective collaborative learning groups in an online training set up and improve the group learning experience: Paradiso provides scaffolding of online courses to build skills for group work; establish a balance between structure and learner autonomy; monitor group activities actively and closely; and makes the group task relevant for the learner. For example, while presenting a ppt, it is usually directed by a single person and has no two-way interaction. The information used in ppt can be used in QnA sessions or game-based learning, encouraging students to collaborate and gauge learner performance. Learners can work in collaboration to refine and improve. For instance, an instructor is training employees towards understanding a new product. The instructor can give out roles to implement and play out in the discussion session for a more meaningful social learning experience.

  • Engaging Courses Increasing Retention

Paradiso solutions offers engaging courses as per learners’ ability followed by personalized assessments that helps learner get that much needed one-to-one attention through interactive training. Online course moderators through Paradiso can utilize one-on-one interaction and create personalized reports regarding the performance of their course. This helps them collect feedback and also guide the student much like a mentor. Thus, utilizing this strategy while developing online training course will help you increase student retention rate as well as your learners’ satisfaction and feelings of engagement.

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Engaging Courses Increasing Retention
Create Simulation-Based Interactive Courses To Provide Qualitative Data
  • Create Simulation-Based Interactive Courses To Provide Qualitative Data

Courses developed with simulation-based learning environment use visualizations to represent realistic time-dependent behavior and are blended with guidance material as well as other software aids that facilitate learning. Simulation environments are powerful learning tools that encourage exploration by allowing learners to manipulate parameters and visualize results. In academic settings, they are used to enhance lectures, supplement labs, and engage students. In the workplace, they are cost-effective training mechanisms.

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The educational activities through interactive online courses are designed to ensure that there must be a successful take away for participants.

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