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L&D community

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What is community-based Learning?

Community-based Learning connects learners to their peers, colleagues, and experts who can improve student retention, engagement and help learners absorb, retain and transfer knowledge. It utilizes blended Learning techniques and supports social features like course recommendations from managers or administrators and sharing Learning on chats.

Introducing L&D for Facebook

Paradiso L&D group for Facebook learning hub is an intelligent skill-building community that helps L&D leaders learn and upgrade themselves with leading experts from the industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to upskill and upgrade yourself.

L&D community
L&D community

What’s in it for you? (Everything)

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to become the best L&D leader. With our L&D community, you can enjoy our specialist L&D content and share your challenges and knowledge that helps you dive deep into the most critical topics in Learning.

By joining our L&D group leaders dedicated to crowdsourcing new, innovative ways to change how people learn, work, and shape the future of L&D. You get to be a part of this too.

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Learn with a leading L&D leader and share your knowledge, challenges, and best practices in our L&D Slack group. You can also share your experience that helps other members to upgrade their knowledge.



You can make new connections and build lasting relationships through our exclusive live and virtual events. You can also ask questions to L&D specialists to dive deep into the most critical topics in Learning.



L&D for Facebook helps you to shape the future of L&D with collaborative Learning. You can discuss new creative and innovative methods to change the way people work and learn.

Why Join our L&D community?

By joining the L&D group, you will have access to all the inspiration you require. In addition, as a member, you will have access to collaborative Learning and relationship-buildings. Also, This L&D group will enable to exchange of the most crucial L&D topics.

Sometimes, you need a place to ask questions. With the LinkedIn L&D group, you get access to over 100+ L&D experts and counting, with regular discussion. So, you can easily ask questions and join continuous discussions about training, Learning and development, content, and much more.

L&D community

Ready to join your peers in the L&D for Facebook?

Discover new career development features in L&D for fakebook to help employees build the skills that advance their careers. So, why wait? Start sharing, discussing, and upgrading with the best L&D group.

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