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With this ready-to-send template, you can streamline the LMS RFP process. Download our free LMS RFP template.

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LMS RFP Template
Speak your expectations from us to be the right LMS vendor for you

Selecting the most suitable LMS that meets your precise needs isn’t an easy task. With many LMS vendors available in the market, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for a new LMS system or planning to replace an existing system, it can be equally challenging in both conditions to come to a quick and clear conclusion while selecting a Learning Management System.

Comparing all the different offerings of the LMS vendors in the market is a crucial step in the process of selection. Here, the LMS RFP template is the best way for buyers to propose their expectations in the form of Request for Proposal (RFP) to LMS Vendors and for LMS vendors to understand the exact need of the prospect and their expectations from the product.

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LMS RFP Template
The First Step to buying the most relevant and reasonable LMS

lms rfp template

The Request for Proposal (RFP) to LMS vendors process includes the involvement of both the buyer and the LMS vendor. It is a method used to decide whether the products or services provided by the vendor are a right fit for the prospective buyer’s organization. LMS RFP is a form or template buyers use to fill in their requirements and send them to LMS suppliers.

To be successful in conveying the parameters most important for your organization and the expectations from the LMS product as an organization, you need to be very clear on the type of learning, technical requirements, implementation, and security aspect of the LMS. Unfortunately, jotting down and mentioning all the essentials without a format can be tedious and completely haphazard.

Hence, we decided to make it easy by providing you with our Learning Management System RFP.

Submitting the Request for Proposal (RFP) to LMS vendors

The structure of The RFP includes key sections that require information to be filled by the prospective buyer and have the answers to the most relevant questions to your need and organization. For example, it demands information relating to stating the purpose, stating your organizational strength and weaknesses, enumerating the duties to be performed by the LMS vendor and expectations, specifying targets and performance standards expected, term of contract and payment, and much more.

Submit An RFP

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Benefits of an LMS RFP

If you’ve simply played with training courses, a learning management system provides the tool you need to advance your initiatives. You can quickly upload, manage, and distribute online training programs using LMS software. Whether your business has five employees or 5,000, an LMS may assist you in formalizing and standardizing your training initiatives. LMSs have advantages beyond simpler course management. As we’ll see below, a wise LMS choice—for which we offer an LMS RFP form that can be helpful—in conjunction with a strong L&D strategy can have far-reaching implications on not only your training initiatives but also on your entire business.

  • A comprehensive strategy for training
  • Actual returns on training investments
  • More satisfied and loyal employees
  • A more favorable recruitment process

Process Flow Chart

Think Up

Consider your LMS RFP to be a startup discussion. Get a team together that has the skills and the time to carry out this workflow properly.

Write Down

LMS RFPs are typically not personal, but the work is. Focus on your relationships and passion. Think about problems, not solutions. Pay close attention to the procedure and time frame.


Will you enjoy working with them despite their talent? If they wind up becoming your actual vendor, will your potential LMS vendors be totally dependable?


Be specific in how you address your needs and ideals. Find out what they believe in, how they do business, and why they should be on your list before reaching out to them.

Send Request

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Download your LMS Proposal Template now!

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Download your LMS Proposal Template now!

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