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Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing company automates training for upskilling employees to keep them technologically sound

About the Client

A leading manufacturing company in India understands the need to be technically sound and knowledgeable employees to perform well in the market and manufacture the best products with the least amount of rework possible. Moreover, achieving world manufacturing standards needs compliance training and highly motivated employees to achieve goals for smart manufacturing.

Committed to their employees, they employed the LMS software that took care of their learning needs systematically and with ease. In addition, they standardized their learning material and got advanced analytics with the LMS to understand the effectiveness and progress in reaching training goals.

Adopt Online Training and Achieve

Organizational Goals

The manufacturing company was facing challenges with training their employees spread at different geographical locations and low-motivated employees. This was highly affecting the employee performance, and hence, the manufacturing standards suffered. The manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and the company was struggling to achieve the required skills among its employees as it could not meet the training goals. As a result, the employees neither had the knowledge nor the motivation to perform well.

The company wanted training solutions that are easy to use for admins, automate and speed up the training process and engage end-users with gamified learning. The company was looking for higher motivation among employees in a more engaging and collaborating environment. They were also looking for a training platform that provided 24*7 technical support, secure hosting on the company’s cloud, and a robust data backup plan for contingencies. They found their needs matching perfectly with the features of Paradiso LMS.

Online Training with Paradiso LMS

The manufacturing company with Paradiso LMS started online training for all its employees irrespective of their location. The training material was standardized with the LMS that enabled fair assessment of learning. Following are the benefits of using Paradiso LMS for employee training-

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Case Study: Summary

Case Study: Summary


  • The company wasn't able to provide successful training due to the geographically diverse workforce and low motivation.

  • They wanted to get rid of boring training through gamified learning.

  • The manufacturing industry is very competitive, and the skills have to be improved very often; they had to speed up their learning processes.

  • Wanted to brand the LMS to hallmark their company image.

  • They needed an LMS that could be easily adapted to a Mobile LMS App.

  • Lack of consolidated reports of training completion.

  • Company's inability to carry out advanced analytics without an LMS.

  • They needed to ensure that they bring the same standardized material to all their learners.


  • Paradiso LMS was implemented mainly because of its ease-of-use and user-friendly interface, for both learners and administrators, for its multiple features, flexibility, security, and mobile compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

  • Paradiso also customized and personalized the LMS to match their brand identity.

  • They got all the default features like defined admin roles, user and course management, reports, quizzes analytics, gamification, social wall, interactive video, learning paths, among others.

  • Paradiso dealt with everything that the client needed from course creation, gamified courses (leaderboard), educational games in courses, provision to take quizzes, etc.

  • Under the Mobile App designed especially for the manufacturing industry, users can take some activities and files, online and offline, view word, pdf, ppt files, and download courses.

  • Also, the end-user has the possibility of uploading files and images. The users can see their calendar events. They can participate in the forums and send private messages, get notifications of new courses that they need to take, activities they have to do, mandatory courses, etc.


  • Being a leading company in the manufacturing industry, they need to be above other companies in knowledge, technologies, regulations, and techniques. That's why they need to implement successful and continuous training to their workforce and keep them motivated to finish them. For that, a gamified LMS proved to be the best option.

  • Due to gamified training, their employees have been motivated to take all the training and complete them on time and with good scores. Hence, the effectiveness of training imparted increased drastically..

  • The users retained information better. Paradiso LMS has also helped the company keep the same information and material for all their employees, increasing standardization drastically.

  • The advanced reports found have helped them properly track the employees' processes and measure the impact and success of the training. This allowed them to organize and redefine the strategies and courses more interactively and effectively.

  • The on-the-go learning via Mobile App made life easy for those whose work doesn't permit sitting in front of a system the entire day. This resulted in higher course completion rates and an increase in productivity.

  • Finally, even having employees in different cities and locations has trained all the employees on time and with fewer resources. Paradiso LMS has been very cost-effective for them.

  • Paradiso LMS has been very cost-effective for them.

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