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Airline Industry

Flag Carrier Airline in India automates training with the most effortless LMS Ecosystem

About the Client

Flag Carrier Airline is the major passenger and freight carrier that caters to most volumes in India. The carrier airline is the ground handling organization for Airports in six regions. Hence, they need to handle and manage a large volume of people, goods, baggage, including hazardous material, and much more efficiently to avoid mishaps.

To provide the best services among the airline counterparts, they wanted to focus on more elaborate and adequate staff training for better baggage handling and customer service. They were looking for an LMS software that is easy to manage training and handling data of different locations. They understand the cruciality of training and educating their staff to be a frontrunner in airline services.

Deliver On-the-Job Training and Blended Learning

The airline carrier has faced a significant challenge with online staff training due to lack of computer literacy, because of which periodic training becomes problematic if it has to be in-person instructor-led training. There are various reasons why it is complex, and online digital learning is the best way to maintain continuity in training and learning among staff. In addition, it gives users convenience and also is easy to understand and navigate through the system.

The company wanted a user-friendly training system with an easy interface such that not-so-computer-literate staff can also learn and be comfortable learning online. The transformation from in-person instructor-led training to online training to save time and enable quick learning is what the company was looking for. They saw the perfect match for their need with Paradiso LMS solutions. They found that its features exactly meet their needs, and the software is just enough for their requirement, making it the most cost-effective option out of multiple LMS vendors.

  • 100% Virtual Training
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Easy Data Segregation
  • High-level periodic training
  • Competent Staff

Launch of Online Training with Paradiso LMS

The airline carrier now has 100% online training for its staff that trains and helps audit processes and segregate data of all regions. The training solution helped the company in the following ways-

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Case Study: Summary

Case Study: Summary

Client’s-RequirementClient’s Requirement

  • The carrier airline needs data archive auditing, especially for those handling dangerous goods.

  • Managing data segregation of all six regions.

  • Getting staff ready to serve its customers best.

  • Delivering online training that is periodic and cost-effective.

  • Single platform to handle multiple trainers and training dates.

Challenges-FacedChallenges Faced

  • The majority of the carrier airline staff is not computer literate.

  • The roles which handle dangerous goods require high-level periodic training.

  • The carrier airline wants their training team, data segregation of all six regions, and managing training approval hierarchy.

  • The airline wanted a digital platform for online training that is self-paced and easy.

  • The airline wanted to have a cost-effective feature-rich platform that meets all needs.


  • Paradiso LMS offered a blended learning approach with an ability to manage both self-paced & ILT.

  • It offered multitenancy feature to create sub LMS within Main LMS to manage specific departments or regions.

  • Paradiso LMS created an ILT module for mapping participants' attendance and managing multiple trainers for multiple dates, avoiding trainer overbooking.

  • All the training budget – business level, department level including all the related expenses, sub-items were able to be mapped at one place for detailed analytics.

  • Paradiso LMS offered airlines a free hand on creating the on-the-Job training by creating a template to pick specific training and the trainee for the training.

  • Paradiso offered a Multiple Reporting System to add time invested on courses or training that has to be tracked for annual auditing.


  • The flag carrier airline achieved data segregation in all regions and provided access to check on the courses relevant to a particular region.

  • Paradiso LMS provided flexibility in notifying the reporting manager about their schedule, including attendance for those users for multiple dates.

  • Cost and budgeting became easy for the admin to track region-level expenses and budget comparison.

  • Instead of pen and paper templates of multiple profiles, now these checklists can be saved in PDF for sharing purposes.

  • The airline can now track every course, training, time invested for annual auditing, which clients could download in excel format with the flexibility to split the data based on region.

Paradiso Online Training Platform for multitenancy, blended learning, assessments, tracking, managing data, and competent staff.

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