Case Study: Training Sector

Training Development company streamlines and automates
training of multiple users using one integrated LMS

About the Client

Teengagement is the solution used for adolescent literacy that aims at addressing and building all the necessary skills for college and career in the 21st century. A well-known training institute in the K12 education sector revolutionizes how classroom relationships should be fostered between students and teachers.

Teengagement imparts training to various district schools to users in multiple roles like students, teachers, school admins, etc. They wanted all the schools to be multi-tenants on the platform and have a single database and a single control panel to impart training to different schools running their curriculum. In addition, they work closely with schools to transform teen literacy.

Single, Integrated, and Streamlined Platform

The training development company faced significant challenges in managing multiple schools separately without a single control panel and a single database. Teengagement wanted to impart training to various schools through a single platform. In addition, they wanted all the schools in Clever SIS as tenants in the platform. So, they were looking for an integrated platform that also supports multi-tenancy.

The company wanted training solutions with a single database, multi-tenant feature, high data security, SSO, and all users on a single platform. In addition, they were looking for a platform that would have an easy-to-use interface, cost-effective, and engage teens in academics actively. They found similar features as they wanted with Paradiso eLearning Solutions. Paradiso LMS provided all those features that smoothened the process of training multi-users at different structure levels.

Launch of Training with Paradiso LMS

Teengagement now has Paradiso LMS to impart training to multiple district schools through a single LMS platform. The platform provides benefits in the following ways-

  • A single platform to host all tenants for training.
  • Information to users as per their role.
  • SSO in the LMS from Clever for all users.
  • Created 3 level class structure with the LMS.
  • Supervise multiple schools with a single control panel.
  • Recording keeping about all tenants in the LMS.

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Case Study: Training Sector


Case Study: Summary

Case Study: Summary

What-Teengagement-Wanted?What Teengagement Wanted?

  • Teengagement wanted to control imparting of training to various district schools from a single platform.

  • They wanted their users to view training information based on their role at school: Eg-teachers, students, and school admins.

  • They wanted all the schools in Clever 515 as tenants in Paradiso LMS.

  • They wanted to create a 3 level class structure in LMS based on the structure in Clever, i.e., School/Teacher Name/ Class name.

  • All the users from Clever needed to reflect in Paradiso LMS.

  • SSO into LMS from Clever for all the users.

What-We-Did?What We Did?

  • Application development for LMS in Clever, after Clever API documentation.

  • SSO (Single Sign-On) into LMS from Clever.

  • User Creation-Users from Clever were created in LMS based on the information pulled from Clever.

  • School Sync-Schools in Clever became Tenants in LMS.

  • Department Sync (classes)-3 level class structure was created in LMS based on the following: School/ Teacher name/ Class name as it is on Clever school.

Impacts-&-ResultsImpacts & Results

  • Paradiso LMS made it easy for the admin, teachers, and students to move between platforms with the Single-Sign-On feature making the process quick and simple.

  • The multitenant feature of Paradiso LMS got access to just their data.

  • Teengagement experienced a quicker initial start-up to add a new school as a tenant and control from one control panel.

  • All the users from Clever got created in Paradiso LMS, the Schools became tenants, and the departments got synced.

  • LMS provided 24'7 technical support, secure hosting on the company's cloud, and a robust data retention backup plan for contingencies.

  • Paradiso LMS did all the heavy lifting for Teengagement, which spared time for them to concentrate on what they did best.... engaging teens in academics.

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