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Create, organize and implement structured learning

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Paradiso LMS introduces Curriculums

tailored training

Tailored Training for your talent

Your company requires courses and knowledge to prepare all new employees for the daily basic tasks. This training includes Courses (Customer relations for example), Requirements (A driver’s license for example) and items to check from a list. Using curriculums, you can create, organize and implement structured learning throughout the organization using a sequence of courses and requirements that provide the knowledge and skills needed for on-the-job expertise. It’s basically an LMS with learning plans

Create, reuse and edit requirements

This example shows the basic functionality of LMS Learning paths, but there’s more to discover and exciting features that give you the information you need to reward, develop and retain the best of your workforce. Some tasks will require accomplishing other goals to enable advanced courses, items or requirements. this structure of achievements and institutional design for learning process is what we call a LMS Curriculum or LMS Learning path.

create reuse and edit requirements
talent background and assessments

Talent background and assessments

Talent assessments require background history, and requires the manager to review training for a specific role and the user’s learning goals over a period of time. This can be achieved by the Paradiso LMS Curriculums historical records. This feature provides a friendly background of the user’s career path. This is useful to align individual goals and performance with company business objectives.

Improve your coaching experience

Curriculums include the instructional design process tools to do reports, trainings, certifications, programs, competencies, goals and more. LMS learning path was created considering specific needs that we translate into useful features to improve and ease the performance coaching management experience

improve your coaching experience

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