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Learning Management Systems for Aviation Industry

LMS for Aviation/Airline (learning management systems) was developed to pinpoint training and education needs in the aviation sector using analytical data and reporting. Aviation professionals, such as airline pilots, cabin crew, ground employees, support services, maintenance crew, logistics team, and many others, use aviation LMS for online learning & development, upskilling, reskilling, knowledge retention, and ongoing education.

An LMS for aviation can act as a platform for online courses, both synchronous and asynchronous. A flipped classroom or instructor-led teaching are both managed in the aviation LMS. Robust aviation LMSs like Paradiso employ intelligent algorithms to generate automated course recommendations based on a user’s ability profile and collect metadata from learning resources to improve such recommendations further.

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The History of Aviation

sexual harassment

Work Health and Safety (Aviation)

Bribery & Corruption Awareness

Services & Attractions at Aviation Destinations

Features of LMS for Aviation

Portable Access

Portable Access (Mobile)

The user-friendly mobile application from Paradiso makes it simple to access training materials anywhere, at any time, even if your airline personnel is spread across geographically.

Multi-Tenant Support

Multi-Tenant Support

Multiple learner groups of pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, logistics team, etc. can all log in at the same time from anywhere and have easy access to different types of course material at the same time.

Creating Dynamic Lessons

Creating Dynamic Lessons

SCORM, photos, PDFs, videos, and questions can all be combined to create complex lessons where each action depends on the previous one.

Offline Courses

Offline Courses

The native iOS and Android apps allow your employees to access training material when it's not connected to the internet. You can experience a seamless changeover between devices.

API Integrations

API Integrations

You may link the LMS for aviation with other platforms thanks to API. This implies that you can transfer data from your LMS to other systems and the other way around.



You can encourage students to continue learning by motivating them with virtual awards, badges, and points after they complete a course.



Deliver course material in brief, digestible chunks to aid quick comprehension and improve knowledge retention using Paradiso LMS for aviation.

Multi Training Modes

Multi Training Modes

Offer self-paced, instructor-led, and hybrid learning options to make learning more convenient and hasten the rate at which students pick up new abilities.

Intelligent and Versatile eLearning Platform for the Legal World

Paradiso LMS for Law is a powerful platform with 100+ integrations that effectively promote
knowledge sharing, upskilling and reskilling.

Using Paradiso Aviation LMS, provides personalized aviation training for each employee to improve their understanding of the most recent industry norms and standards.

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Why Choose Paradiso Aviation LMS Software?

  • We use standardized instruction and best practices.
  • Easy to use & ready to deploy.
  • Enable learning on any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Paradiso gamification increases Learning Engagement.
  • Administration, tracking, reporting, automation, and distribution of training materials are all simple.
  • Seamless integration with other systems.
  • Access to offline courses for iOS and Android.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can Paradiso LMS train all aviation employees ranging from Pilots to support staff?

YES. Paradiso LMS is versatile and dynamic in design and has an all-inclusive content and other study materials that help all aviation employees as per their skills and experience to better themselves with ease.

Does Paradiso provide continuous education options?

YES. At Paradiso, we understand that aviation is highly professional and technical, so we offer continuous education to the required aviation professionals like pilots, ground control and regulation crew, etc. to stay updated.

Is it possible to self-author the study material in Paradiso LMS?

YES. Paradiso offers a wide range of content personalization and an in-built course authoring tool through which you can deliver relevant and engaging training content to skill your aviation workforce effectively.

What about the pricing and free trials?

For detailed information regarding the pricing, please contact our customer assistance as the pricing is based on multiple parameters like the nature of use, no.of people using it, etc.

Does Paradiso cater to industries other than aviation?

YES. Paradiso LMS is being used across multiple industries, from healthcare, construction, education, insurance, and many others. Our SMEs are the best in using our eLearning platform applications and offer the best product/services to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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