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LMS for business

Embed Learning Management System for Business Productivity

Companies have training programs from time to time, designed to educate their entire workforce on specific topics. The variedness of these programs depends of course on factors like the company location or industry in which it operates. Paradiso LMS offers employee training programs to help employees in their current roles and prepare for future ones.

LMS for Business

A Future Ready LMS

Paradiso learning management system for business helps to empower employees, partners & customers with outstanding features and functionality that can help you improve business productivity. It is globally recognized award-winning LMS system for business and is used in more than 25 countries. With our multitenant environment support, exceptional user experience, holistic features, flexibility to create customized workflows, multiple languages, Paradiso is the LMS can be a trusted partner of choice for some of the leading enterprises in your industry.

Empower your employee’s training with the Top LMS

LMS for Business

Why to choose Paradiso LMS for business?

Selecting the right learning management system for business can be a tedious task and takes a great deal of time and money. There are factors to consider, such as whether or not the LMS can really help solve your existing business problem, whether it is scalable or not, or if it’s going to stay within your budget. You can opt for LMS vendor scorecard while selecting a LMS for business and then proceed for a request of RFP that can help you gauge and select the best LMS system for business productivity. What kind of benefits does your organization seizes when it opts for the right LMS for business.

  • Effortless employee induction process

With LMS systems for business, you can create a core training program once, and then assign it to all new hires. An orientation program is usually prepared by an HR manager mission of the company, company’s history, corporate culture, leadership, etc.

Effortless employee induction process in lms for business
  • Engages employees to collaborate and develop new learning

Engages employees to collaborate and develop new learning

Skill training is a core component of employee education, especially for those in technical roles. Because technology is constantly changing, even tenured employees need to update skills regularly. With LMS for business, you can help employees to continue learning and enhance their performance skills.

  • Offer partners compliance training and help them build sales

With channel partner training, you can educate channel partners across the globe. With Paradiso LMS for business such training gives them insights into your products, the development pipeline, new features, new product applications, and how-tos.

Offer partners compliance training and help them build sales

Empower your employee’s training with the Top LMS

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Paradiso LMS Platform
  • Product Knowledge learning

Product Knowledge learning

Paradiso LMS system for business delivers product knowledge learning and train salespeople with dialogue simulations which are extremely helpful for building communication skills. In the form of a game, employees work out the scripts and learn to present any product in their business.

  • 360- degree feedback

Paradiso Learning management system for business brings to you 360-degree feedback feature in which employees can compare his or her level of ability in a predefined list of competencies by rating themselves against a specific scenario. In addition, each scenario highlights a specific skill that makes up the overall competency.

360- degree feedback

Want to see an LMS for business in action? Give Paradiso LMS a 14-day test drive and check out all the features of the learning platform for free.

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