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GoToTraining LMS Integration

Step-up your online learning and training with the dynamic integration of our remarkable LMS with GoToTraining, one of the

world’s leading online training software that lets you conduct interactive training sessions with up to 200 people at a time.

This LMS GoToTraining integration helps enrich the classroom experience of the learners, saves you time

and money and eventually increases the effectiveness of the training program.

LMS GoToTraining Integration Features

Live Webinars

Conduct Online Meetings

LMS GoToTraining integration brings in the ability to hold live interactive meetings with up to 200 people at a time, right from the comfort of your desk. Learners can join or leave live the meetings in real-time. And all this happens within your LMS, you don’t need to switch platforms.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Now you can login into GoToTraining with a single click from your LMS. There remains no need for additional login credentials. This is known as Single Sign On (SSO), and it proves to be of great help when multiple applications are integrated with each other.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Record Live Webinars

Recording of Meetings

With the LMS GoToTraining integration happening in actual time, the training sessions can be recorded seamlessly with one click as they happen. These recorded sessions can be made available later to be watched as per the learner’s convenience and that too without leaving your LMS.

Registering and Preparing the Audience

Getting started on the training just became faster and better with the LMS GoToTraining integration. You can invite people to register or join the training via email or web registration forms. You can also prepare your audience in advance by providing them reading material as a preparation for the session.

Register and Prepare the Audience
Custom Audio and Video Modes

Choose Audio and Video Preferences

Once the training gets initiated, the presenter has the option to choose the audio modes i.e. either he can use the computer’s mic or speakers (VoIP). In addition, the presenter can choose the video conferencing mode by the way of built-in ‘HDFaces’ feature of GoToTraining that can run HD videos using your webcam.

Advanced Tracking & Reporting

The instructors can use different modes of content like quizzes, polls and tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and then track the progress and create exhaustive reports on the attendees of the test, time taken to complete the test, how many cleared the test and many more.

lms gotowebinar integration

Let us tell you one more fantastic feature of the LMS GoToTraining weave. With this integration, sharing reusable content

such as training materials, tests, surveys and recordings becomes possible.

These were just a few of the features! To know more about the awesome LMS, you’ll have to get to know it better.
And to get to know it better, no one other than our matchless LMS experts you should be connecting to.
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