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LMS with GoToWebinar

Step up your online meetings

within the LMS


GoToWebinar LMS Integration

Conducting a sizable webinar with up to 1000 attendees in one go, and that too on a do-it-yourself basis becomes possible with the GoToWebinar LMS
integration.This integration helps you reduce the time and save on the money required for travelling to reach a larger audience.So, generating more
number of qualified leads for less became all the more reassuring. There’s also the HD video conferencing option that comes in handy when you
want to enhance the visual aspect of your presentation

LMS GoToWebinar Features

Live Webinars

Live Webinars

Scheduling webinars has never been so easy! Now, the presenter can schedule a webinar with minimum IT help required. He just has to go to ‘schedule a webinar’ tab, populate the title, description and the date fields and that’s it! The LMS GoToWebinar integration will do the rest for you.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Login into multiple integrated platforms is made easy using the feature of Single Sign On (SSO). This helps you do away with remembering multiple credentials for multiple platforms. Speaking of making things easier for you, this is where we begin!

lms integration lms trial
Record Live Webinars

Record Live Webinars

Never miss out on any session/training, because we’ve got the feature of recording live webinars. Once recorded, the learners can watch them at their time convenience and that too without leaving the instance of the LMS.

Register and Prepare the Audience

LMS GoToMeeting integration helps you invite people for registering/joining the meetings. This can be done by the way of emails or web registration forms. The best part? The presenters can prepare the audience for the session by providing them reading material in advance.

Register and Prepare the Audience
Custom Audio and Video Modes

Custom Audio and Video Modes

The presenter can choose the audio mode for the webinar. He can either use the computer’s mic or speakers (VoIP). However, if the presenter wants to present himself live by the way of video conferencing, he can do that as well using a webcam.

Tracking & Reporting Results

The presenter can track how effective the webinar has been by the way of test materials like quizzes and polls. Eventual recording, analysis and reporting of the webinar results can also be done.

Tracking & Reporting Results

Bottom line? LMS GoToWebinar integration serves as a fantastic tool to connect people into a meeting who are geographically away. The best part is the configuration process of the integration is simple, short and straightforward.

Want to know more what LMS GotoWebinar integration? drop in an email to sales sales@paradisosolutions.com and you csn

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