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LRS Learning Management System

A Learning Record Store – or LRS – is the repository for information recorded by Tin Can Api, the evolution of SCORM Tin Can Api,

or xApi or Xperience Api as it is also known, records informal and formal learning actions as “statements” – for example

“John-read-xxxx article” – to help build a more rounded picture of the learner’s progress

Features of Paradiso LRS


Tin Can Api – SCORM evolved

Paradiso Solutions is one of the few learning providers that offers LMS LRS integration and Tin Can Api functionality. Tin Can improves on SCORM by allowing instructors to track learners’ progress through recording “statements” which represent informal and formal learning actions

The LRS – Tin Can’s best friend

With LMS LRS, learning is recorded in the learning record store as ‘noun-verb-object’. The statements may cover a relevant video that was watched (john-watched-YouTube video) or a conference that was attended (john-attended-conference)
learning record store

Track learning on and offline

The learner doesn’t have to be online for these activities to be tracked; the data is synced when next connected to the internet. Yes, it is possible with LMS LRS. Learners are also able to continue the learning process on whichever device they want: computer, smartphone or tablet

Social Learning expanded

Social learning extends the learning process to activities which take place outside of the LMS, encouraging discussion and collaboration and helping to increase engagement and the retention of knowledge. With Tin Can Api and an LRS it is even easier to track these activities
what is an LRS
learning record system

Build an accurate picture of learner progress

By collecting all of this data on the learner’s progress, the LMS LRS integrates paves for a much more detailed picture of progress and performance

Reporting with LMS and LRS

Custom reports can be created drawing on data from both the LMS and the LRS. This means data will cover formal progress on the LMS, as well as encompassing social, offline and mobile learning, giving a better overall image of progress
learning record store software
LRS elearning

Tie learning to performance

The advanced reporting functionality of Paradiso LMS, coupled with the power of Tin Can Api, allows instructors to more easily correlate real-world performance with their training. Armed with this knowledge it is easier to adjust learning plans and assess the effectiveness of training

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