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LMS – MMS Integration

Membership management software (MMS) integration with Learning management software (LMS) allows you to productively connect with your community/members. Create push notifications, send in-app communications, among other things. For improved membership management, you can import, export, and filter your contacts with MMS. With LMS integrated, you can also manage educational courses, training programs, and learning and development programs for your members, including documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of content that can greatly improve MMS learning.

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LMS – MMS Integration

Database of Contacts

Customize fields to meet your needs and store information about people or companies.

Email Scheduler

Thank you emails, renewals and reminders can be automated. It's simple to share newsletters.


Online applications and payments can be collected. Create a system for automatic renewals, reminders, and receipts.

Payments Portal

Collect online payments with ease on your platform.

Job Board
(Pocket HR)

Create job postings, gather applications, and generate reports.

Send Newsletters

Subscriptions can be purchased, and emails can be sent to your subscribers.

Boards of

Topics and groups can be used to bring your community together. Participate in likes and comments.

Need LMS

Customisable LMS offers a range of customisation and personalisation tools to help learners tailor their learning experience.

How MMS Integration
with Paradiso LMS is Beneficial?

MMS learning can be greatly improvised with a powerful e-Learning platform like Paradiso LMS.

Get the most up-to-date information on your members

When combined with a learning management system, online membership management system can help you collect the most up-to-date and relevant information on your learners on a single platform. Between the LMS and the MMS, member information can be imported and exported. MMS generates all of the required reports on LMS members, which can be utilized for future reference and analysis.

Get the most up-to-date information on your members
Use emails and SMS to communicate with your members

Use emails and SMS to communicate with your members

With your MMS connected to your LMS, you can send push notifications, text messages, email alerts, notifications, reminders, and much more. Enable your members to discuss various issues, send private messages, comment, like, and share on multiple discussion forums. Allow members to socialize in your member-only platform, strengthening your community’s bonds.

Collecting recurring membership payments is simple

Collecting membership renewal fees from the users of your LMS is now simplified and automated. The MMS integration with the LMS will track and monitor the recurring membership payments from a single unified platform that can be customized as per your fee structure. MMS integration with the LMS makes sure that fee collection is made seamless and streamlined.

Collecting recurring membership payments is simple

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