Paradiso LMS and NetSuite (TM) Integration

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Learning Management System NetSuite

Propel accurate, consistent and timely information across your organisation with NetSuite ERP software. This eventually helps you lift

productivity and employee satisfaction, enhance product and service quality and reduces downtime. Besides, with LMS NetSuite,

you get to deliver training on-time to all the stakeholders with a comprehensive approach to learning LMS NetSuite also

allows the tailoring of learning paths according to individual educational needs and learning styles. In addition,

NetSuite LMS supports blended learning i.e. both traditional and virtual classroom training. One more added

advantage is the improvement of competency and performance management, while you get to leverage

analytics and ad hoc reporting functions Request a Free Trial Now

LMS NetSuite Features

Single Sign On for LMS Netsuite

Single Sign On for LMS NetSuite

Single Sign On (SSO) in LMS NetSuite is a feature that allows a user to login into one application and automatically get signed in to the other integrated application. This is regardless of the platform used by him. The users get one-click access to the LMS in the cloud from behind the firewall. SSO between LMS NetSuite is typically accomplished using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and stored LDAP databases on (directory) servers

User Sync in LMS NetSuite

Users from NetSuite automatically get synced between the two platforms. This is a very useful functionality, because whenever there is an update of the user registries in any one of the platform, it automatically gets updated in the other platform. This feature of the NetSuite LMS plays a very important role in reducing errors associated with manual entry of data into two portals. And error-free entries are crucial, otherwise the value associated with the data gets diluted

User Sync in LMS Netsuite
Course Sync in LMS Netsuite

Course Sync in LMS NetSuite

With LMS NetSuite, transferring courses across the platforms over to the ERP happens seamlessly. Not just courses, but the course completion data also gets synced smoothly with the ERP platform. This helps the LMS admin track which employee has completed what training, while giving an insight into patterns that can tracked by using training data strategically

Blended Learning supported in LMS NetSuite

You get to enhance the training process in LMS NetSuite by employing one or various types of elearning, namely blended learning. Blended learning provides different and engaging ways to train employees, customers and partners. Blended courses, also known as hybrid or mixed-mode courses, in LMS NetSuite are courses in which a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based online learning

LMSNetsuiteandMulti Tenancy

LMS NetSuite and Multi-Tenancy

You get to host several different organizations or departments – clients, vendors, partners – within a single instance of your LMS NetSuite and that too while using the same database. Each tenant has access to their own unique learning environment that only they can view. The individual tenants i.e. customers, partners will not even know that they are operating in an extended enterprise environment

Gamify your Training in LMS NetSuite

Make e-learning fun and engaging via LMS gamification. You get the added advantage in which your learners are motivated to undertake elearning readily. You also get the option of awarding points, badges and other rewards in their path to progress. LMS gamification makes the task of learning enjoyable while helping learners in better information retention and recall

Gamify your Training

Access 5000+ courses in LMS NetSuite

The Paradiso Course Library offers over 5000 off-the-shelf eLearning courses which can be accessed without leaving NetSuite. The course catalog covers over 25 course areas right from business training, professional skills, employee and IT skills topics to employee communication, management training, employee compliance training, customer service and more. All the courses are SCORM and AICC compliant, and are fully optimized for being responsive i.e. being mobile friendly

Paradiso LMS with NetSuite makes inter-organizational learning social

Our LMS have tapped into the potential power of social learning as well. Your users can interact with each other within the LMS. Right from

collaborating with experts on specific subjects to interacting with each other, the social aspect of LMS NetSuite makes it extremely

easy for your users to find and share relevant information within the organization

*NetSuite is a trademark and we are not related to it in any ways and this page talks about Paradiso’s LMS integration with NetSuite.

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