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Want to make an LMS pricing Comparison?

Companies and institutions are understanding the importance of the implementation of e-learning strategies that engage and motivate employees and students. These strategies could be expensive or demand a good amount of the annual budget. That’s why, before selecting the LMS or eLearning Software, organizations have to analyze and compare LMS pricing and features to select a cost-effective platform.

Pricing is a factor that determines if a company can acquire a specific LMS. Make sure that the eLearning company that you select has flexible and adaptable LMS pricing plans. Beyond the price, the features included are the main point to be into consideration before choosing a Learning Management System.

Make a list of the main features and functionalities that you would need, compare the list with the features included in the plans, and select the right option for you.

Can you trust generic LMS pricing?

You can visit many eLearning companies’ websites and you can find a table with the pricing based on the number of users. Maybe you can feel confident because you find a cheap price according to your users. But, are you sure that is just what you need?

Many times, you need custom work, extra users for some months, add-ons, integrations, and in the end, you find out that the final cost is very far compared with the first price checked.  What to do?

Create an LMS checklist or an LMS RFP/RFI and contact at least 4 eLearning companies to respond to your requirements. Make sure you describe your use case and include all the features, integrations, add-ons, etc. Then, after receiving the pricing based on features and users, you can make the LMS pricing comparison.

A good feature-rich training management system or Learning Management System is not cheap at all. It requires a big investment, but it also brings countless benefits that would also help companies to save some time and resources in terms of transportation, flexibility, adaptability, dynamism, productivity and lower training costs.

Compare LMS pricing Models/plans

Below you can find different LMS pricing alternatives, adaptable to the needs, possibilities, and scope of each client. These are the ones usually handled by the most well-known Learning Management Systems:


You can acquire the LMS paying for a specific number of users. This payment method is useful for companies that know the exact number of users that would be taking the eLearning content. This pricing plan works if training in your company is mandatory.


The users that would be taking the courses could vary with the passing of the weeks and this also influences the price of the LMS software. Contrary to the previous price model, the payment by active users offers the possibility to pay, not for all the user registered, just for active users. You will only be charged for the users that log into the system and take the courses during the pay period.


This payment method lets you pay an LMS license for a year or month, with an unlimited amount of users, no matter if they are constantly active or coming and going in the LMS. The Learning Management System comes with the usual features as part of the license along with support, training times and other specifications. Any custom work could be an extra charge.


The one payment model normally applies when the software company develops an On-Premise or Self-Hosted LMS that adapts only to that client’s needs. It comes with support and some months of guarantee to make sure that the system works correctly. The LMS would be host in the client’s server.


A good LMS company usually offers a free version that the client can test. It is normally a basic LMS System, with some limitations, where the user can play and try the main features. Paradiso offers a Free LMS as a great option for beginners or even small companies that require simple training with a great eLearning tool. Ours is one of the fullest free versions of Learning Management Systems including these features with up to 50 users:

Paradiso LMS Features


AICC/SCORM Web Services - PLMS API 360 Feedback
Custom Themes Social Learning Users Management
Advanced reporting Assesments (Tests) Feedback
Certification and Transcripts Performance Management Competency management
Sandbox email Notifications Course Management
Attendance Gamification UI Customization
AICC Learning Paths Discussion forum
Repositories 75+ Languages Course Catalog with 5000 courses
Blended learning SOC2 Security Custom Roles and Permissions
Onboarding support


100+Integrations Robust Support Extended Enterprise (Multitenant)
Course Catalog with 5000 courses HRMS Sync ERP Sync
Web conferencing/ Virtual training Social Sign-On Authoring Tool
eCommerce Interactive videos Interactive Content

Why Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS, Feature-rich, easy to use, with 100+ integrations, and superior support, turn your requirements into reality and makes your entire training process more smooth and efficient than ever before.

Speak to one of our Experienced e-Learning Consultants

Our e-learning Management System integrates with

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Learning Management System Pricing FAQs

What’s included with Paradiso LMS?

Paradiso LMS includes Gamification, Social Learning, Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Advanced Reporting, Scorm / AICC / Tin Can Compatible, Learning Paths, Performance Management, Custom Branding, Certifications.

Are there any additionals charges ?

Based on your project our development team may need to meet some extra requirements, so some additional charges could be applicable.

What happens when I exceed the number of users I have purchased? Will new users be able to register?

Yes, the new users can continue registering and using the platform. The users will not know that you have exceeded the limit. As an administrator, you will be notified and Paradiso Solutions is able to accordingly make the pricing/plan changes without interrupting your business.

What happens if I reach maximum number of active users ?

You will be charged a fee for each additional user that accesses Paradiso LMS. You can either pay for each extra active user on monthly basis or upgrade to next “slot” or “plan”.

Why should I pay monthly instead of yearly ?

If the amount of Active Users changes from month to month, a monthly subscription will meet your needs. If the Active Users will remain stable over 12 months then a yearly subscription will be perfect for you. By choosing to pay yearly you get 30% discount compared to paying monthly.

Can I reuse Active Users?

You can re-use an Active User slot by suspending the dormant user and recycle it for new enrollments.

How do I pay for my Paradiso LMS Licences ?

We accept all major credit cards which are processed using a secure payment gateway. Wire transfer is also accepted and payments are processed on a monthly or annual basis.

What training will I receive ?

We will provide you with primary training to get you started with Paradiso LMS.

What are your hours of support ?

Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm U.S. EST, emergencies are supported 24/7/365.

With the pricing is it possible to upload all file formats ?

You can rapidly build training courses by uploading your existing training material. Upload your Videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word, Excel and other related training documents, Paradiso LMS is also Scorm / AICC / Tin Can Compatible.

Is Multi-Tenant feature included in the standard pricing ?

Multi-Tenancy is an additional feature that allows you to run extended enterprise learning projects. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to download any software ?

No. There is no software to download – Paradiso LMS is a hosted, on-demand training system. You can access, deliver and track training from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection.

Do you sell off-the-shelf courses?

Yes, we do… the cost depends on number of users and courses you select.

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