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LMS RFP – An Efficient Technology Selection Tool!

When your LMS RFP is poorly written and provides an unclear understanding of what the exact needs of your organization are, then chances are that many a vendors will not even respond. This lack of response from the ‘no-show’ vendors, is not because they don’t care. It’s simply because they’d prefer having a productive meeting with the prospect, than employing an army of people just to decode the LMS RFP. So you see, even though we, at Paradiso Solutions, have the mental valor to tackle any type of RFPs, we recommend keeping it shorter, elegant and focused on only your top-level needs.

idea-iconInsider’s tip! Include tables, with a laundry list of features you require, that’ll generate Yes/No answers from the vendor. This’ll help you easily compare and score the information you get from different vendors. Leave the textual descriptions of procedures to the live demos of the software.

Features of our LMS RFP template

Two of the biggest challenges faced by the people seeking an LMS are, either they are unsure of the features they exactly need OR the LMS RFP writers and designers have little or no experience or knowledge in e-learning or the LMS industry. Hence, our robust LMS RFP template… designed to tackle both the challenges hand over fist!

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  • Our LMS RFP page is easy to use.


  • It speeds up the process of RFP/RFI generation by handing out exact information that needs to be asked.


  • Helps you in streamlining the search for the perfect LMS.


  • 13 key sections that clearly define the ideal structure of an LMS RFP.


  • Equipped to be readily used by anyone – regardless, of the writer being new or a veteran in e-learning industry.


  • Increases speed and efficiency, and eventually saves time for both, you and the vendor.
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At Paradiso Solutions, we respond to LMS RFPs / RFIs (Request for Information) regularly, and we make sure that we consult with the client about our solutions prior to responding to RFPs / RFIs. Do you have an LMS RFP out for bid? We would welcome an opportunity to respond.

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We believe this LMS RFP template will be your go-to option when looking out for a reference RFP/RFI (Request for Information). Feel free to use it as per your requirement.

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In addition, we want to make your process of ‘choosing the best lms’ easier! Hence, we offer an exhaustive E-book on ‘How to Choose the best LMS’ ’available for free download.




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If you want to design an LMS RFP, we have a ready reference template for you! Or, you want a response to your
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