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Features of Paradiso LMS Salesforce

Paradiso LMS Salesforce Integration

Single Sign On (SSO) between Paradiso LMS and Salesforce


With SSO, your students can log into Paradiso LMS from inside the Salesforce dashboard with just one set of credentials. That calls for lesser issues associated with invalid or lost credentials – which means better user experience for your students.

Salesforce PLMS Integration

Use Data from Paradiso LMS to run reports in Salesforce


Student data originating from Paradiso LMS can be used to run custom reports from Salesforce thanks to the Paradiso LMS Salesforce integration. You can run as granular reports as you want with the Paradiso LMS Salesforce integration.

Salesforce Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS Records are Available in Salesforce


You get to access all the features of Paradiso LMS from a single tab on the Salesforce dashboard. Your students can view course material, assign courses and even use social tools – all from the comfort of the Salesforce platform.

LMS Salesforce

Training Embedded in Salesforce


Now your students don’t have to go back to Paradiso LMS to get access to training – they can do it right from Salesforce! Now isn’t that a classic example of ease of use and excellent user experience. Nothing to beat this feature of Paradiso LMS Salesforce

Salesforce with LMS

User Data Sync


All of your student data from Salesforce (name, address, birth date, academic records etc.) can automatically be pushed and synced to Paradiso LMS, and you can even view the learning records of Paradiso LMS within Salesforce.

LMS with Salesforce

Course Analytics in Salesforce


Certifications, completions and statuses are automatically captured from Paradiso LMS and can be viewed in Salesforce. Get a single, unified and detailed view of every action of your students with the Paradiso LMS Salesforce integration.

LMS Salesforce Integration

View Course Library from inside Salesforce


Access 5000+ eLearning courses into Paradiso LMS from within Salesforce, thanks to Paradiso Course Library. All the courses are plug and play, ready to be used out of the box. You just have to name the course, and we’ll have it. Get going with the course of your choice in Paradiso LMS Salesforce.

Salesforce and LMS

Paradiso LMS Integrates with all Salesforce Products


Extended Salesforce capabilities – Paradiso LMS easily integrates with all the Salesforce products like Salesforce Communities, Service Desk, and chatter. View new course info, certifications, badges, news, reminders and much more, directly from Salesforce Chatter.

Trigger based Training

Trigger based Training Recommendation


Just like or any other eCommerce site, the Paradiso LMS Salesforce integration can recommend training using triggers such as previous training history. Recommendations are made to Salesforce community or CRM from within the Salesforce platform.

Paradiso LMS Salesforce Integration

The most effective way to train you sales employees/customer/partners.

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