LMS Services

End to end LMS services to meet your technology needs

LMS Services

We are an e-Learning product and services company which offers complete elearning solutions to small and large enterprises and educational institutes. Paradiso Solutions has team of experts, tools and the experience to get your Paradiso LMS up and running in no time. Paradiso LMS services offer custom online learning and e-Training services tailored for you.

At Paradiso solutions, we understand the importance of selecting the right Learning Management System – one that has abundant of features, helps manage learning better, and more importantly, one that fits your enterprise’s unique requirement.

  • LMS Implementation

Paradiso is one of the leading LMS providers with the ability to quickly set up your LMS and link it with your existing enterprise systems and content sources. LMS implementation process involves six major steps: planning, LMS configuration, systems integration, course and data migration, user acceptance testing, and going live.

LMS Implementation
  • LMS Integration and Custom Development

LMS Integration and Custom Development

Paradiso eLearning experts can help you with LMS integrations such as eCommerce, Salesforce LMS, Video-Conferencing (Go to Meeting, Webex and more), Documentum, Sugar CRM, Multi-Tenant, and much more. Our LMS service provider team has the required knowledge and experience to tailor any LMS to suit your needs.

  • LMS Hosting

Paradiso LMS development services provide accessible, reliable and trusted learning management system hosting services for different platforms and customers extending from independent training institutes to K12 schools, higher education and multinational corporations.

LMS Hosting
  • LMS Expert Support and Help Desk

LMS Expert Support and Help Desk

Paradiso LMS services offer reliable and responsive custom LMS support. Our involvement in the eLearning Community gives us an edge on understanding the LMS software exceptionally well. Our experts can also work with your company to solve any issues, queries or eLearning development needs, in timely manner.

  • LMS Training and Education

Are you an institute with LMS futuristic goals in mind? We will help you to take your LMS team’s admin and support skills to the next level. With Paradiso LMS services we build new courses, enhance collaboration and track achievements through LMS training. Simple & fast user onboarding, compliance management, in-depth analytics and much more LMS services are provided in schools and universities and not to forget corporate environments.

LMS Training and Education
  • Consulting


LMS consulting services with Paradiso are aimed to ensure successful implementation of a new learning management system or enhancement of a current LMS to help you improve learning experience and engagement, increase user adoption and reduce learning costs.

Make the learning journey of your employees more interesting with Paradiso LMS Services

  • LMS Administrative Service

Paradiso learning management system services encompass administrative services, including cloud hosting, LMS migration, eCommerce integration and ensures significant improvement to the customer’s business, providing best in class services.

LMS Administrative Service
  • Customized LMS Solution

Customized LMS Solution

Customization options will definitely make your eLearning project more appealing to your learners. Our Paradiso LMS is the result of 10+ years of building custom LMS solutions. Paradiso LMS services has been uniquely designed by experts to allow for extensive customizations, while still reliably maintaining a clear upgrade path.

  • Course Development and Management

Paradiso course development and management can possibly open upper-level opportunities for those who successfully complete it. Our courses will enhance the participant’s appreciation, knowledge and skillset in leadership, management and program and project administration that will enable them to manage their organization in multifaceted settings, through a systematic and a collaborative approach, equipping them to deal with the situations in an effective and efficient method.

Course Development and Management
  • LMS as a Service (SaaS Model)

LMS as a Service (SaaS Model)

Paradiso comes with subscription-based LMS instance with out-of-the-box feature and is setup in no-time. With SaaS model, you can train employees in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking and others. Paradiso LMS service can help you track and monitor the progress of the employees and give managers the ability to see their team’s progress.

Why Paradiso

Paradiso Learning Management System services offer end-to-end solutions and robust eLearning services. It is highly customizable, high on utility, compatibility but low on maintenance and cost. The quick-to-learn and user-friendly experiences make it the leading LMS service providers in the market.

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Company Brochure

How to Choose the Best LMS? How to Choose the Best LMS?

How to Choose the Best LMS?

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Empower Your Training Initiatives

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