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LXP Pricing

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What’s included in Paradiso LXP?

Fully Customizable LXP

Fully Customizable LXP

We strive to include your brand look, logo, color code, and a lot more so that the LXP feels just like one of your organizations.

Quick and Easy Setup

Quick and Easy Setup

Our dedicated team will help you set up the LXP and onboard users to learn quickly using an LXP.

Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training

Our team will train administrators and users during onboarding to understand the working and how to use the LXP effectively.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Get a dedicated expert who will be with you throughout the contract and help you resolve every challenge with your LXP.

Simplified Hosting and Storage

Simplified Hosting & Storage

Paradiso LXP can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise as per your reference. Also, get unlimited storage for all your LXP data.



The Single Sign-On feature helps get all learners quickly on to the platform and start the learning journey quickly without any hassle.

Paradiso Community Learning

Paradiso Community Learning

Collaborate and engage with the biggest user community, share and curate your content to be up-to-date with your L&D strategies.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our experts help resolve technical challenges and provide 24 X 7 support so that you don’t have to wait to get resolutions, and there is no gap in using the LXP.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What’s included in the LXP cost?

Paradiso LXP includes content management, social learning, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, skill development, and analytics and reports. It is SCORM and API compliant.

How many active users can access the LXP at a time?

There is no limit to the number of active users you can have on your LXP at a time. As per your usage, you can select the most appropriate plan for use.

What do I do once I reach my maximum limit of active users?

There are different user slots for you to select from when you are deciding on buying a plan. You can buy a user plan as per the approximate number of users of the LXP. On reaching the maximum limit, you can upgrade the plan to accommodate a greater number of users.

How do I pay for Paradiso LXP License?

We accept all major credit cards, which are processed using a secure payment gateway. Wire transfer is also accepted, and payments are processed on a monthly or annual basis.

Is there any additional cost for setup and support of LXP?

Additional costs are not always applicable. But, based on your project and requirements, additional charges may be applicable in some cases.

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