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Lynda LMS Integration

With Lynda LMS, you allow your users to access course content through your LMS. Here’s a quick lowdown on Lynda LMS. When a learner wants to view a course in the LMS from, the course would open in a separate browser window and will be launched from Once the user logs in to, information about the user gets passed on to the LMS. Likewise, as the user proceeds with the course, the information gets communicated to the LMS that the course has been started. As soon as the user finishes the course and closes the browser window, the learning session ends. Eventually provides the result to the LMS. Besides, if a learner has ended the learning session, but hasn’t completed the course, remembers the learner’s progress and allows him to pick up where he or she left, when returning to the course from the LMS. That’s Lynda LMS in a nutshell

Lynda LMS Features

supports Single Sign On

Lynda LMS supports Single Sign On (SSO)

Lynda LMS integration allows the learners to sign in into the LMS with a single click by using the one set of authentication credentials. Lynda LMS supports SSO using both Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 and Central Authentication Service (CAS). SSO allows access to all the information in Lynda and the LMS on multiple devices i.e. via desktops, smartphones and tablets. The best part about SSO is that it is a safe alternative to the loss of credentials

Your course provider is now called LMS LinkedIn Lynda

You can take courses from Lynda LMS now as LMS LinkedIn Lynda. This allows the SSO from any of the platforms so your users will have the insights, features, contacts and everything that comes with the corporate social network LinkedIn, now with the benefits of Lynda LMS content.
The courses that are available on LYNDA are also available on LinkedIn Learning. The main advantage that comes with this merge is that it offers content recommendations, personalized for each user and based on their profiles, professional network and also the possibility to fill their LinkedIn profiles with information about the skills acquired from LMS LinkedIn Lynda.

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Lynda LMS works on AICC Standard

The AICC allows all the learning activity on to be tracked and reported back to your LMS. It is imperative for the LMS to adhere to the AICC standards in the Lynda LMS integration, so that it can support access to subscription services like The best part about these standards is that it enables to communicate with your AICC-compliant LMS. This ensures that the users get easy access to the most up-to-date courses

Lynda LMS possible, even if LMS is behind a firewall!

Yes, that’s true! It is possible to integrate with even if the LMS is behind a firewall. It is seen that by design, it is required by the HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP) that an LMS should be able to communicate over the HTTP protocol. And it is very much possible to integrate Lynda LMS via the AICC standard, even when your LMS is behind a firewall. So to say, it is not publicly accessible

LMS is behind a firewall
Lynda LMS offers easy access to APIs

Lynda LMS offers easy access to APIs

Its the APIs offered by that helps you search the library and get information about our courses in the LMS. There are two types of API, namely search and courses API. The search API helps in searching for courses within the LMS, locating courses within a resource portal or help desk and creating learning paths based on course list. The course API helps the learner retrieve a list of active courses in the library by date released or for featuring the courses on landing pages or within the company intranet

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