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Features of Mahara™ LMS

elearning Platform

Mahara™ eLearning platform

The genius of the Mahara™ eLearning platform is its ability to connect and encourage learners of all ages and from all walks of life.As an official Mahara™ Partner we have years of experience performing advanced Mahara™ Services such as customizations, plugins, theme design and hosting for customers as diverse as independent training institutes, schools and universities, or multi-national corporations.

Mahara™ Scalability

Mahara™ has been designed as a web application with a plug-in architecture. This means it is possible to scale the application up by separating hardware for search, database, file storage and web servers. In addition Mahara™ is designed to:

  • Be load balanced across several web servers
  • Capable of sharing file data from a centralised server
  • Separate database server from where the files are hosted.
eportfolio features

Mahara™ ePortfolio Features

Mahara™ is a revolutionary education platform that combines popular tech trends of the last decade like social networking, blogging, and having your own ePortfolio profile to give users the ability to show off what they´ve learned in an exciting and intractive elearning environment. This is made possible by the unique Mahara™ ePortfolio system that gives the user control and ownership of their ePortfolios by creating fully customisable Views (ePortfolios that are viewable by others on the Mahara™ social network) and Artefacts (information displayed on the view) which encourages them to take pride in what they learn and show it off.

Views & Artefacts in Mahara™ ePortfolio

  • ePortfolio owners can receive public or private feedback on their View and Artefacts.
  • Users accessing a View can report any objectionable material directly to the Site Administrator.
  • Users can add Views and Artefacts to their Watchlist and receive automated notifications of any changes.
  • ePortfolio owners can Submit a View for Assessment by a tutor or teacher allowing for a snapshot of the View and associated Artefacts on a certain date.
views artefacts in mahara eportfolio

Mahara™ LMS

Ideal for Corporates, Training Institutes, Education/K12 Training!

social networking

Mahara™ Social Networking

The Mahara™ eLearning platform takes the interactive learning environment to the next level by motivating learners to read and reflect on the work of their peers.

  • The social networking system connects users to create online communities
  • Users have complete control over who sees what they share over the social network
  • The interactivity of social networks greatly enhances the learning process

Mahara™ Blogging

In addition to social networking a comprehensive blogging tool is provided in Mahara™ where blogs and blog posts are considered Artefacts and may be added and shard via the View.

  • Create blog posts using a WYSIWYG editor
  • Attach files to posts and embed images
  • Create draft postings for later publishing and configure settings for comments
resume builder

Mahara™ Resume Builder

Mahara™ includes a resume builder which allows users to create digital CV’s by entering information into a variety of optional fields including:

  • Contact and personal information
  • Employment and education history
  • Certifications, accreditations and awards
  • Books and publications, professional memberships
  • Personal, academic, work skills and career goals

Mahara™ Security

Mahara™ is not only stable and secure but can also automatically detect system settings that a pose security threats addition to:

  • Session key handling code has been tightly integrated with the core form/request APIs.
  • Provides database abstraction that prevents any database injection attacks and input validation that prevents script injection attacks.
  • User authentication can be tied to external systems such as student management systems or other databases such as their Student ID number.
file repository

Mahara™ File Repository

Mahara™ includes a file repository which allows users to:

  • Create folder and sub folders structures
  • Upload multiple files quickly and efficiently
  • Give each file a Name and Description
  • Manage their file allocation Quota
  • When uploading a file users must agree to a configurable Copyright disclaimer.
  • Can extract .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 from within the files area

Mahara™ Profile Information

Within Mahara™ users are able to share details through a variety of optional profile information fields including:

  • Student ID, Postal address and contact phone numbers
  • Skype, MSN, Yahoo & Jabber name
  • Introduction and Profile Icons images
profile information

Mahara™ Administration

Administrators are able to customise Mahara™ via a number of configuration settings which include:

  • Language packages and themes
  • Virus protocol
  • Session and account lifetimes
  • Authentication methods
  • Institution setup
  • Core page editor
  • Main Menu editor

For more information please don´t hesitate to contact [email protected] or call +1 800 513 5902.


Disclaimer: Mahara™ is provided freely as open source software (under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later)

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