Moodle™ with GoToMeeting

Hold unlimited online meetings within Moodle™


GoToMeeting Moodle™ Integration

The GoToMeeting Moodle™ integrations brings to the table provision for scheduling, joining and holding live meetings/training sessions in real time

with up to 25 attendees. With GoToMeeting Moodle™ integration, you can share slides, share videos and also record the discussions

for viewing it later. The Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration is all device, all browsers and all web platforms

friendly, which ultimately enhances the learning experience of the learners.

Moodle™ GoToMeeting Features

Live Webinars

Live Meetings

Now you can start an online meeting with up to 25 attendees with the Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration with just a click of a button. With this integration around, harnessing the power of video conferencing as an elearning tool just became all the more undemanding.

Single Sign On (SSO)

No more remembering of checklist of credentials to login into different web platforms. With the GoToMeeting Moodle™ integration, you just need one login ID and password and you are set. This feature, known as Single Sign On (SSO), comes in handy when multiple applications are synced or integrated with each other.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Record Live Webinars

Record Live Meetings

Missed a meeting? Don’t fret! Recording live meetings now becomes possible with the Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration. Record it with just a single click and watch it later at your time convenience and that too without leaving the convenience of your Moodle™ platform.

Register and Prepare the Audience

Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration gives you the provision to invite people to attend the meetings. This registering/inviting people for the meetings can happen by the way of emails or web registration forms. Besides, the presenters of the meeting can prepare the audience for the session/meeting by providing them reading material before the meeting.

Register and Prepare the Audience
Custom Audio and Video Modes

Custom Audio and Video Modes

At the kickoff of the meeting, the presenter can choose the audio mode he wants to use to deliver the session. He can either use the computer’s mic or speakers (VoIP). Besides, if the presenter wants to present himself live by the way of video conferencing, he can do that as well using a webcam.

Track & Report Results

The efficiency of the training can be gauged be delivering test materials like quizzes and polls to the attendees. The result of such tests can be recorded, analyzed and reported for an in depth evaluation of the efficiency of the conducted training.

lms gotowebinar integration

Hence, it can be said that the Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration is the way to go when you instantly want

to get people on board and conduct a meeting. No matter the distance of the attendees from each

other. This integration seamlessly brings everyone together on a virtual platform.

Want to know more what Moodle™ GoToMeeting integration can offer? Just drop in your
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