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Salesforce Moodle™

Salesforce Moodle™ integration is beneficial for the end user as it brings to the table innovative and competent learning experience that he can benefit from. Besides, with this integration measuring, tracking…

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Sugar CRM Moodle™

Moodle™ Sugar CRM integration is a platform that gives your customers, employees and partners access to all the relevant learning material within Sugar CRM i.e. without the need to…

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Moodle™

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Moodle™ integration gives you the ability to track, measure and optimize the training initiatives of the sales department. This integration also brings to the….

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Moodle™ Web-Conferencing

Webex Moodle™

The learners experience a dynamic and interactive training environment that enriches their learning experience and takes it to the next level. This integration makes it possible for the users….

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Adobe Connect Moodle™

Get going with real-time communication and collaboration happening through the Adobe Connect Moodle™ integration. The instructors and learners can now collaborate effortlessly with the myriad…

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GoToMeeting Moodle™

With the GoToMeeting Moodle™ integration, you get the power to conduct interactive training sessions with up to 25 attendees at a time. Also, it becomes possible for the attendees to join…

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GoToWebinar Moodle™

Conducting webinars, townhalls or presentations with up to 1000 attendees in one go now becomes a child’s play with the GoToWebinar Moodle™ integration. Moodle™ GoToWebinar supports…

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GoToTraining Moodle™

GoToTraining goes a step ahead of GoToMeeting and has the power to host up to 200 people at a time with the GoToTraining Moodle ™integration. Even if you’ve missed a meeting,…

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paradiso meet

Paradiso Meet Moodle™

GoToMeeting offers fast, seamless video meetings and a user-friendly interface. It is a cloud-hosted web conferencing solution that offers users a wider range of flexibility to use the solution while letting them initiate and join online conferences from any gadget anytime, anywhere.

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Drupal Moodle™

Moodle™ integration brings to you the simplicity of Drupal while the instance of Moodle™. Now you get one-click access to the training content in your Moodle™ from Drupal….

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Joomla Moodle™

With the Joomla Moodle™ integration, the trainer or instructor can easily assign courses and manage the performance of the learners, through the information available on Moodle™ from the Joomla dashboard…

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WordPress Moodle™

The integration of WordPress Moodle™ happens over a Single Sign On (SSO) and gives you one-click access to the training material. It also lets you assign courses and track performance, while letting you do a lot more…

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Moodle™-Collaboration, Sharing & Storage Tools

Google Apps Moodle™

Moodle™ integration brings to you the simplicity of Drupal while the instance of Moodle™. Now you get one-click access to the training content in your Moodle™ from Drupal. This integration also supports…

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SharePoint Moodle™

Collaborate, share, discover and manage all the learning content you create on SharePoint within the instance of your Moodle™. With the Sharepoint Moodle™ weave happening, you get to reinvent the…

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Dropbox Moodle™

Sync, share and collaborate your files from any device and from anywhere, while you upload files and submit reports from Moodle™ to your Dropbox account. Besides, the setup is easy and fast,…

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OneDrive Moodle™

One of the most popular Cloud services now integrates with Moodle™ through the facility of Single Sign On (SSO). This integration helps the users benefit from the seamless….

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Shopify Moodle™

With the Shopify Moodle™ integration happening you can create your courses and start selling them online in double time. The courses that are stored within Moodle™ can be pulled…

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These integrations are just the beginning of the shipshape aspects we bring about with Moodle™. Just get in touch

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