Moodle™ Adobe Connect

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Moodle™ Adobe Connect

An integration so seamless your user won’t realize where Moodle™ ends and Adobe Connect starts.

We bring to you Moodle™ Adobe Connect, where we’ve amalgamated the world’s most flexible, live virtual classroom solution, Adobe

Connect, with the world’s most popular LMS, Moodle™. Moodle™ Adobe Connect integration allows you to create an environment in

which instructors and learners collaborate effortlessly, both on and offline. Moodle™ Adobe Connect works on Single Sign On

(SSO) environment in which information passes effortlessly in both directions between the two platforms.

Moodle™ Adobe Connect Features

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Holding Online Meetings

Take part in online meetings from within Moodle™ with our Moodle™ Adobe Connect integration. With Moodle™ Adobe Connect you can watch live video of the presenter and/or participants, or listen to the presenter and/or participants, and at the same time you can watch slideshows or demonstrations on the presenter’s computer.

Supports Single Sign On

Single Sign On between Adobe and Paradiso LMS means logging into Moodle™ once will give you access to Adobe Connect via a convenient tab on the dashboard. SSO launch any type of Adobe Connect content with a single click from any location within the system. There remains no need to remember two or more credentials, which saves you the time and frustration to login in two different software portals.

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Adobe Connect Tools

Adobe Connect administrative tools are integrated into Moodle™ through this useful integration. Full synchronization of all the adobe connect tools is made possible when Moodle™ Adobe Connect is in place. Moodle™ Adobe Connect also provides support for sharing rich content, including streaming audio, video and software simulations, while enabling multi-person video conferences.

User Friendly UI

Simplifies the process of creating and attending meetings. The users won’t be able to make out even if the two portals are integrated. So to say, the Moodle™ Adobe Connect user interface is easy (self-explanatory), efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly). Navigating the user interface is easy that it doesn’t distract the users, while guiding the users intuitively through a workflow.

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Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

This feature helps in providing detailed reporting on Adobe Connect meetings and user activity. It acts as a platform to dive deeper and discover more. Alongside the standard reporting feature, Moodle™ Adobe Connect gives you the provision to optimize your tracking and reporting capability, at one place in the LMS.

So you see, with Moodle™ Adobe Connect you get the ease of use of Moodle™, while you can leverage Adobe Connect technology
to hold live virtual meetings, which the universities, businesses, and organizations can benefit from

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