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Moodle and Google Apps Integration

Google Apps and Moodle Integration

Leverage and share documents, work files and online training content across Google Apps and Moodle.

Students are able to use Moodle to access course content, and then use Google Apps as a productivity suite to carry out their work.

Google Apps can transform Moodle into a rich, collaborative learning environment. Use them to share calendars, create documents, spreadsheets and slides, and to update, organize and store them on Google Drive.

Features of Moodle and Google Apps Integration

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Moodle, Google Apps and Single Sign-On

Access Google Apps directly from Moodle - SSO means you are automatically signed into Google Apps, so no need to enter any other credentials.

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Stimulate Collaboration with Google Apps Moodle Integration

Open up a world of collaboration with Google Apps and Moodle integration - share files, documents and project tasks and participate in open conversations with others, all from within Moodle and without having to manage multiple accounts.

Spreadsheets become collaborative projects when using Moodle with Google Apps!

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Importing Files from Google Apps into Moodle

It’s easy to import presentations, images, audio and video from Google Docs and YouTube into Moodle, providing direct access to content stored on Google and more seamless ways to build learning modules and courses in Moodle.

User Auto-Enrollment

Two way user synchronization between Google Apps and Moodle. Automatically enroll users from Google Apps to Moodle. Moodle users are also automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail).

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