Integrate Moodle™
with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Moodle™ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Use Moodle™ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration to track, measure and optimize sales training and prospect communication.

Paradiso Solutions provides complete two-way integration between Moodle™ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This way

you can import data from Moodle™ back to Dynamics, and contacts and data from Dynamics into Moodle™.

Features of Moodle™ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Reports and Analytics

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Run Advanced Reports

Use Microsoft Dynamics advanced reports to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of your training, and to and to analyze and gain insight into system usage. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics to run reports on data originating from Moodle™.

SSO (Single Sign On) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Moodle™

Log into Moodle™ with just one click in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and thanks to SSO there’s no need to enter any credentials.

sso single sign on microsoft dynamics crm lms
sales training microsoft dynamics crm paradiso lms

Sales Training Embedded within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Access employee, partner and customer training within Microsoft Dynamics CRM without switching between Moodle™ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms.

User Data Synchronization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM user and organizational data – such as name, address, birth date, social security number – is automatically pushed and synced to Moodle™, and learning records are viewable from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

User Data Synchronization
Access LMS records and data

Access Moodle™ records and data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

You can access all your Moodle™ features via a tab on the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard, meaning users have the ability to launch and assign courses, use social tools and view course material, all from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Course Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically captures grades, completions, certifications and enrollment statuses from Moodle™.

Course Analytics
Auto Enrollment


Based on user profile fields students can be automatically enrolled to Moodle™ from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Training Recommendation Engine based on Triggers

Just like, training can be recommended to users based on custom triggers such as contract size or previous training history – right from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Training Recommendation Engine based on Triggers
eLearning Course Library access

Access to eLearning Course Library from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Paradiso Course Library is one of the largest and fastest growing eLearning course catalogs, with access to 5000+ online courses from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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