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Moodle Shopify Integration

Secure and easy shopping cart experience


Moodle Shopify Integration

Sell your eLearning Courses and training courses through Shopify.

Seamlessly integrate Shopify e-Commerce Platform with Moodle, create a professional storefront for your learning products and start selling your

training online in no time. Sell your training material through Shopify thanks to our Moodle integration, and have your courses imported

directly into your Shopify store. Users are automatically enrolled in courses purchased from your Shopify store.


About Shopify


Shopify is an easy to use e-Commerce platform to build online stores, list your products and sell them online. Shopify’s core features include the ability to manage products, inventory, customers, orders and discounts.

About Moodle


Feature rich, fully integrated and easy to use Learning Management System for educational and corporate sector.

Shopify LMS Integration Features

shopify moodle

Custom-Built Online Store

Choose from over 100 fully customizable and free eCommerce templates. Our Moodle integration means you retain full control over your website’s design.

Secure Shopping Cart

A 128-bit SSL certificate is included in the cost of the integration, ensuring your information is highly secure. This level of encryption is the same used by large multinational banks.

Shopify LMS Integration

Moodle and Shopify Single Sign On (SSO)

Easily access the Shopify platform from Moodle, and with SSO there is no need to enter any more credentials.

Insights and Analytics

Moodle has powerful built-in tracking and reporting tools, meaning you can gain insight into everything that happens within your Moodle and Shopify account. From sales to usage, get automatic notifications for comprehensive analytics that will give you a more complete picture of your target customers.

Advanced Reports
Auto Enrollment


When a new course is purchased in Shopify, students are automatically enrolled in the course in Moodle. Students are also enrolled in subsequent purchased courses.

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