Moodle™ Salesforce Integration

To Increase Sales And Streamline Business Performance


Moodle™ Salesforce Integration

Transform your customer, employee, sales or partner training by training embedded in Salesforce. Already use Salesforce? Paradiso Solutions

provides a seamless end user experience through innovative, complete two­-way integration between Moodle™ and Salesforce. You can access

Moodle™ from inside Salesforce through our Salesforce Moodle™ Connector. As a platform Moodle™ is very easy to use and full of great features.

By integrating Moodle™ with the best CRM out there Salesforce you’ll get a vital edge over the competition.


Disclaimer :  Moodle™ is an open source project maintained and run by Moodle™ HQ.

Moodle™ Salesforce Integration Features

Advanced Reports

Use training data to run reports in Salesforce

Data originating from Moodle™ can be used to run custom reports from Salesforce thanks to our integration.

Single Sign On (SSO) between Moodle™ and Salesforce

With SSO log into either Moodle™ or Salesforce just once and enjoy free movement between the two platforms via the dashboard.

salesforce lms integration single sign on
salesforce learning management system

Salesforce-Embedded Training

Now you don’t have to switch back to Moodle™ to get access to employee training – you can do it right from Salesforce!

User Data Synchronization

User and organizational data from Salesforce (name, address, birth date, social security number etc.) is automatically pushed and synced to Moodle™, and you can even view Moodle™ learning records from within Salesforce.

User Data Synchronization
View your LMS records in Salesforce

Moodle™ Records are Available in Salesforce

From one tab on the Salesforce dashboard you can access all of Moodle’s™ features and records. Users can view course material, assign courses and even use social tools – all from the comfort of the Salesforce platform.

Course Analytics in Salesforce

Certifications, completions and statuses are automatically captured from Moodle™ by Salesforce.

Course Analytics in Salesforce
lms for Salesforce


There is the option to automatically enroll students from Salesforce to Moodle™, based on user profile or contact fields.

Integrates with all Salesforce products – Saleforce Communities, Service Desk, and chatter

This way it is simple to extend training through customers and partners.

LMS Salesforce

Training Recommendation Engine based on Triggers

Just like our integration can recommend training using triggers such as previous training history or deal size. Recommendations are made to Salesforce community or CRM from within the Salesforce platform.

Integration with Salesforce Chatter

This integration gives you the ability to raise employee engagement and easily share knowledge. View new course info, certifications, badges, news, reminders and much more, directly from Salesforce Chatter.

Course Library in Salesforce

View Course Library from inside Salesforce

Access 5000+ eLearning courses from within Salesforce, thanks to Paradiso Course Library embedding in Moodle™.

Benefits of Moodle™ Salesforce Integration:

saaslearningmanagementeystem3ith-paradisosolutions Empower your sales team and increase your sales

virtualization-of-a-learning-management-system-by-paradiso-solutions Increase revenue through cross-selling and up-selling

saaslearningmanagementeystem3ith-paradisosolutions Your integrations can be up and running within two weeks

saaslearningmanagementeystem3ith-paradisosolutions Access customer training records from Salesforce saving you time

virtualization-of-a-learning-management-system-by-paradiso-solutions ROI within 3 months or less

saaslearningmanagementeystem3ith-paradisosolutions Integration with all additional Salesforce products

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