Moodle™ WordPress

The power of Moodle™ within your CMS.


Moodle™ WordPress

WordPress is used by millions to create and manage many different forms of online content. Moodle™ WordPress

integration gives you instant access to your LMS and elearning content, allowing you to view and assign

courses, assess performance and sell your courses.

Moodle™ WordPress Integration Features

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Once logged into WordPress you can access your training via a tab on the WordPress dashboard, without the need to enter any extra login details.

User Synchronization

Important information like user and progress data is automatically synchronized between the two platforms with Moodle™ WordPress User Data Synchronization.

User Synchronization
View Courses in Wordpress

View Courses in WordPress

Via a tab in WordPress you can access all of your elearning content, letting you view and assign courses and manage performance and progress without having to leave the platform.

eCommerce Integration

Sell your courses online with Moodle™ WordPress eCommerce integration, bringing your company an extra revenue stream.

ecommerce cms moodle
Auto Enrollment


Auto-Enrollment means any time you purchase a course or package of courses your learners are immediately enrolled as soon as the payment is processed.

Online Portal

WordPress can be used as a portal for intranet, schools and eCommerce.

Online Portal

Cutting Edge LMS

Moodle™ WordPress integration also brings a host of great features: There are many reasons why our

integration has edge over competition. Below are some of the core features:


Improve knowledge retention and engagement through the use of game dynamics, badges, a points system and a leaderboard.

Social Learning

With social learning every relevant action counts. The LMS recognizes if an interesting article is read or video watched, and counts it towards your progress.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning allows elearners to finish work on one device, then pick it up later, from wherever they left off on whichever device is most convenient.

Custom Reports

Paradiso Advanced Report builder allows instructors to construct their own, customized reports.

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