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SugarCRM Implementation

SugarCRM is a powerful, flexible, easy to use and affordable choice. CRM technology is only a tool provided for the collection, organization and presentation of data. There is no way it will fail to suit your business needs, since Paradiso Solutions offers clients SugarCRM implementation services to meet all requirements of a wide array of individual organizations.


Being open source, SugarCRM brings value to your company by giving it flexibility, using countless plugins and modules available. With a team of experienced SugarCRM Developers we have delivered SugarCRM Solutions to different business areas with extreme precision. We provide SugarCRM Customization Services where specific modules are developed to meet your industry`s demands.

Moodle™ LMS

Ideal for Corporates, Training Institutes, Education/K12 Training!

What can we offer you?

Customization and integration to suit your needs:

Our experts can create new modules, add new functionality to your current system and smoothly integrate it based on your business needs.



We can install SugarCRM into your own servers. In case you do not own any, we can arrange for a low cost hosting for your CRM solution.



We can provide in-depth training or short training sessions for usage of your CRM solution. Training can be delivered remotely thinking about saving you time and money.


Troubleshooting and Support

Our team of experts will provide you live support at any time and will use all available resources in order to resolve any issues regardless of your organization’s industry and focus.


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