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Financial Sector

Financial Investments company automates training
of employees for exceptional customer service using LMS

About the Client

The Mutual Funds company in India manages investment-related products in India. Therefore, they need to manage a large mutual fund customer base and provide prompt customer service.Committed to their service, they aimed to improve training and coaching their staff to handle their customers in the best possible way. They focus on bridging the gap and creating long-term wealth for investors through their mutual fund solution. They work closely with customers to work on their most significant investments addressing their biggest financial concerns in life.


Boost Online Training and improve customer service

For over the years, the mutual fund company has experienced that customer service is a great challenge when the staff is not well trained and is not efficient enough to handle customers promptly. Therefore, the company wanted to go digital and create an online training environment to make the training process quick and easy for the learners and provide them the convenience of finishing their courses in their own time.The company wanted training solutions that are handy and most convenient to develop personalized learning. The transformation from an in-person to an online learning platform was what the company was looking for. They were also looking for a training format that would be cost-effective, less time-consuming, easy on effort, and beneficial for prompt training services. They saw the perfect match for their needs with Paradiso eLearning Solutions.

Launch of Online Training with Paradiso LMS

The mutual fund company now has 100% online training for its employees from across different locations. The Training solution helped the company in the following ways-

  • A single platform to host all pieces of training.
  • An improved pace for query redressal.
  • Training staff from multiple locations at a time.
  • One training at a time by defining the last date of the training.
  • Organized training of users in batches.
  • Readily extract active users’ records from the system.
  • Robust report building with data filtration.

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Financial Sector

Case Study


Case Study: Summary

Case Study: Summary


  • Mutual Fund company wants to train and coach their employees on dealing with customers and handling queries related to investments, compliance, and standard queries associated with Mutual Fund customers.
  • A single platform where they could host all the pieces of training and train the employees.
  • The parent company staff sells Mutual Fund products, so those people also get the training from the same platform.


  • Mutual Funds team provides one training at a time to users with a provision to define the training's last date.
  • The training team wants to have control over accessing the platform and training.
  • The second most aspect of their training was to extract reports for compliance.


  • Paradiso is the Learning Management Solution with the features of self-paced training.
  • Training includes SCORM Learning to educate the users about the topic, followed by the Assessment.
  • Paradiso offers the Mutual Funds team one training at a time to users to define the last training date.


  • Paradiso LMS built a mechanism to allocate training to users in batches.
  • The training team started enrolling a new batch of users every week or a month with one training option at a time or multiple pieces of training.
  • The Mutual Fund team is now able to skip the older user records and extract active users' records in the system.
  • Robust Report Builder allows you to extract the report with several levels of filtration for data.

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