On-Premise Performance Management System

Your own platform to manage all internal HR and staff evaluation processes


Performance Management System Benefits

Plan for success by aligning goals

  • Set individual goals that align with manager goals and company strategy
  • Manage progress towards goals on the go, from any mobile device or tablet
  • Align your workforce and reward top performers

Increase employee engagement and feedback

  • Foster a culture of continuous coaching and feedback to elevate performance
  • Recognize everyday excellence through social impressions, leaderboards, and badges
  • Smartphone and tablet access allows for employee engagement regardless of physical location

Intelligent coaching and development

  • Machine learning suggests personal recommendations on classes, mentors and relevant content
  • Create performance-driven development plans for individuals or teams
  • Real-time collaboration tools aid team management and communication

Simplify performance reviews

  • Configure performance reviews with calibration, writing assistance and compliance check
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of talent with 360-degree and social feedback
  • Leverage talent and process reports and dashboards to identify areas of focus

Better analytics and process

  • Powerful reports, dashboards and metrics show performance highlights and gaps
  • Embedded communication and training tools engage virtual teams and remote employees
  • Leverage data to increase employee engagement and productivity

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Performance Management System Features

360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback process helps in gathering feedback from employee’s subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor and at the same time assist with self-evaluation by the employee themselves.


Performance appraisal is a feature by which predefined KPI or ORK is documented and evaluated for an individual employee. This appraisal system gets a notification to complete regular reviews of employees.


Competencies support the provision of feedback on what an employee has accomplished and how the complete work was performed. It also helps in achieving consistent results ie KPI’s predefined by the organization.

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