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What is Virtual Classroom Platform?

A virtual classroom platform is a video conferencing tool where participants can interact andv engage with learning resources while working in groups. It's a learning environment where participants can engage via whiteboard, chat, polls, votes and many other ways.

Why opt for Meeting Now
On-Premise Virtual Classroom Platform?

Meeting Now, our Virtual Classroom Platform is pretty easy to use and usually costs a one-time perpetual license fee.

Our On Premise Meeting Now (Virtual Classroom Platform) is even more customizable, and offers greater control over the implementation process. Here the entire data security lies with you and not in some random cloud.

Best On Premise
Virtual Classroom Benefits - Meeting Now

Tighter LMS Integration

Since both softwares, Paradiso LMS and Paradiso Virtual Classroom Solution, are built in-house, they are tightly integrated with each other giving you the best of both worlds. This integration makes our virtual classroom platform even more powerful with all the features unimaginable. You can get access to advanced reporting for your virtual classroom software within the LMS, giving the edge over all others.

Advanced Reporting

Get your virtual classroom platform reporting within your learning management system. Here are a couple of reports that you can get your hands on:

  • Attendance Report
  • Engagement Report

  • Polls Reports
  • Votes Reports
  • Classroom Abandonment Report

Tighter LMS Integration

Save more with Paradiso virtual Classroom system. You can reduce your cost by a minimum of 30-40% as compared to other virtual classroom systems.

Best On Premise
Virtual Classroom Platform Features - Meeting Now

Audio and Video Conferencing

Paradiso's Virtual Classroom system is a flexible tool where you get four options to use the audio and video functions, which can be selected during a conference session:

  • audio + video
  • audio only

  • video only
  • picture only

In addition to it, being a multi-tasking virtual conferencing tool, you can also change video, audio quality and choose multiple camera resolutions.

Meeting recording

Record sessions at ease with our virtual classroom system. It contains everything including a sound record from all audio streams exactly the way you've seen it in the conference. These recordings can be extracted instantly in AVI/FLV file formats and shared online for attendees.

Screen sharing

Highly intuitive HD screen sharing which gives instructors the possibility to share their screens which can be easily switched between multiple screens. Paradiso's conferencing tool also gives you the ability to select a screen area for sharing instead of the complete screen.

Advanced File Explorer

Gain access to advanced file explorer allows you drag and drop interface for managing uploaded files. Here you could create a document tree with folders too. The file explorer gives two views:

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Advanced Moderating System

Paradiso's VC moderating system lets you adjust user permission to every user individually. Here are some of the moderations:

  • Allow/Deny moderation
  • Allow/Deny the right to draw on a whiteboard
  • Add/Remove presenter role
  • Allow/Deny screen-sharing/record screen

  • Allow/Deny Remote Control Screen
  • Allow/Deny right for ‘Mute others’
  • Let one user speak while others are muted
  • Allow/Deny Video


Not one but adding multiple whiteboards that have a full range of tools and documents inside. These whiteboards can be saved as files in the file explorer and can be drag n' dropped to the whiteboard again and organized like any other document, image or folder. You can import from a wide range of document formats (PDF, DOC, ODT, PPT, etc).


The most essential part of the engagement, Paradiso's Virtual Classroom system's chat helps users connect with everyone and connect privately as well. Other than connecting everyone you can create private rooms/groups too. Paradiso's virtual classroom chat also supports emojis.

User management

Adding and updating users is something that happens within all admin tools but with Paradiso Virtual Classroom system admin gets better control to manage the online classroom. For eg:

  • Admin can decide whether the user should be part of groups or no.
  • Admin can prevent user from adding questions in the middle of the session.
  • In case of lower bandwidth admin can put users on audio only setting to have better reception.

  • Admin can close down any user’s session at any given point and time.
  • Admin can restrict the number of whiteboards used by users in a session.

Plan meetings with integrated calendar

Get the edge over all virtual classroom platforms with top calendar integration. Due to the integration, you can plan your virtual classroom conferencing and invite attendees right from Paradiso Virtual Classroom. This calendar integrations also lets you send an auto email with details to the meeting and a link with a secure hash to the conference room.

Polls & Votes

Make your online class more engaging with polls and votes features within the virtual classroom tool. You can create polls with yes/no or rating from 1-10 questions and let the users vote. The results can then be stored and viewed as pie-chart.

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