Open Source LMS Comparison

A look at the best LMS free-code platforms to start your training programs


About Open Source systems

Is your LMS part of your company? Do you have the necessary characteristics for your users to identify your brand? If not, you should rush to implement an Open Source LMS in your training programs and align your LMS with your brand and corporate values.

At Paradiso Solutions, we recognize the necessity to have proper branding within your LMS, that’s why we have worked to make you a customized platform according to your preferences. Your branding is what defines you, and we ensure that this is reflected in the Learning Management System.

Take a look at some of the most remarkable Open Source LMS systems


Sakai is an open-source learning management system (LMS) created for schools that manage announcements, assignments, calendars, grade books, tests, and quizzes. The Sakai Environment offers an efficient and powerful environment that helps with training, learning, research and other types of collaboration. As an open-source tool developed by its adopter community, Sakai keeps changing in conjunction with the needs of the community members it serves: students, teachers, and academic groups.

Open Edx

Open EdX LMS is the result of an innovative project with three primary goals. The team behind this open-source solution wanted to expand access to education to everyone, enhance teaching both online and on-campus, and advanced learning through research. The platform is made available to anyone so that educational institutions and organizations can host and modify the system to meet their needs..


Chamilo is a Free Software (Open Source) e-learning management system (LMS) focused on ease of use and speed. It offers a broad spectrum of features including SCORM support, complex exams configurations, certificates generation, skills management, courses catalogue, and shopping cart to sell the courses you produce straight away. It has proven use cases with more than 700,000 registered learners and more than 3,000 simultaneous connected learners. Cloud-compatible, high-availability capability and fast security flaws resolution.


Moodle™ is a no-expense online Learning Management System (LMS). It enables instructors to make their own private website filled with dynamic courses for learning anytime, anywhere. The product provides a robust set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that stimulate both teaching and learning.

The Moodle™ project is supported by an active international community, a group of dedicated full-time developers, and a collection of certified Moodle™ Partners. The project is guided by open collaboration and community support and continues to implement quick bug fixes and improvements, with new releases every six months.

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What should you look for in an Open Source LMS?

  • Customizable UI As well as branding and colour, Paradiso white label learning management system gives organizations the ability to change the layout of the user interface through the “Lego system”, where the different blocks of the UI can be dragged and dropped wherever you want them.
  • Custom Branding LMS In Paradiso LMS you can upload your own logo and branding to your white label learning management system. Change the look and feel of your custom LMS by changing the colour and design.
  • Multi-Tenancy Multi-Tenancy or extended enterprise further develops the potential for white labelling by allowing organizations to create separate versions of the LMS – each with their own unique branding, customizations, and colour scheme – under one LMS instance. This is perfect for channel partners, vendors or a different department.
  • Learning Paths With Paradiso, LMS instructors can create learning paths that can be personalized for each learner. This way the course material is relevant to each learner and they don’t waste time on things which don’t apply to them.
  • Fully Customizable Reports Our white label learning management system lets you have the freedom to customize your reports in any way you like, covering just one, several or all tenants.
  • Integrations Increase the power of your white label learning management system even further through a range of LMS integrations that can make designing and delivering e-learning even easier and more fun. Paradiso LMS integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, eCommerce such as WooCommerce and Magento and group collaboration tools like SharePoint and Adobe Connect.
  • Badges and Certifications With Paradiso LMS your own custom badges can be easily uploaded so that rewards for hard work or achievement are personalized. Likewise, company certifications can be customized to include your branding.

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Our e-learning Management System integrates with

quickbooks lms
integration salesforce
microsoft dynamics crm lms
Sugar crm lms
magento lms
sharepoint lms
woocommerce lms
drupal commercelms
shopify lms
slack logo
peoplesoft lms
adobe connect
drupal logo
wordpress lms
dropbox lms
webex lms
google appslam

Open Source LMS features comparison

Open EDX Moodle™ Chamilo Sakai Paradiso
Asynchronous Learning X X
Blended Learning X X
Built-in Course Authoring X
Corporate/Business X
eCommerce X X X
eLearning Companies X X
Gamification X X X
Learner Portal X X
Mobile Learning X
SCORM Compliance X
Synchronous Learning X X
Video Conferencing X X



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