360-degree Feedback LMS Tool

Get a 360 degree view of your

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In todays highly competitive world, businesses can not afford a “weak link” and employees strive continuously to perform and deliver. That is why communication, training and feedback comes in as some of the most important factors when growing as a team and achieving success.

Training, communication and feedback are three key ingredients to a successful business; delivering the right type of training will ensure your employees stay productive at all times and improve their performance. Communication and feedback improves the relationship within your team. By continuously leveraging these three factors, along with some others, success will just be a matter of time. How can we combine these three important factors in one place?

There is a continuous need to take training to the next level by providing all-in-one solutions; that is why Paradiso Solutions has developed and integrated 360 degree FeedBack into Paradiso LMS.

what is  feedback

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

But what is 360 degree Feedback? This method of assessment is also referred to as multi source feedback, multi-rater feedback or multi source assessment. An individual compares his or her level of ability in a predefined list of competencies by rating themselves against a specific scenario. Each scenario highlights a specific skill that makes up the overall competency. This same set of questions is also answered by a set number of subordinates, peers (colleagues), clients and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation in order to get a full (or 360 degree) view of the skill of the individual as perceived by others as well as him or herself.


This module is designed to implement a 360 degree (multi-angle) competency analysis within you training instance (LMS Platform), Here are some of the Paradiso LMS 360 Degree Review features:


  • Customs definition of competences and rating scale.
  • Range of reviewers to be included such as managers, peers, staff, customers (internal and external users)
  • Automatic emailing and online completion of a particular review
  • Full reporting on desired ratings by competency and actual ratings
  • Filtering by reviewer type (Internal – managers, peers, staff; external – customers)
  • Gap analysis and Spider diagram summaries highlighting strengths and weaknesses of particular skill or courses
  • Training diaries / comments by learner and trainer on a selected number of carried over competencies
  • Survey within the environment.
  • Survey attendee selection and editing within the solution.
  • Evaluation criteria edition.
  • Grading method selection.
  • Reports based on the feedback provided.
  • Spider diagram.


Some of the benefits that our 360-degree feedback LMS tool provides are


  • Your team will develop a symbiotic relationship causing a significant increase on their performance.
  • Ability to create learning plans in order to reinforce some of the knowledge gaps there might be within your team.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities that allow you always to stay on top of your employee’s progress.
  • By leveraging our tool; your user engagement levels will increase due to the constant improve encouragement.
  • The ability to take proper corrective actions when something does not go according to the process or plan makes our LMS platform and our 360-degree feedback tool extremely attractive for both the corporate and education sectors.
  • Synergy between your team and our LMS and it’s tools.
  • Collaboration within your team by allowing each member provide improvement tips to their colleagues.

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