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Paradiso LMS Box Integration

Content can be managed, stored and securely shared with anyone and anywhere globally with the help of Paradiso LMS Box Integration. The Box is a cloud storage platform which is easy to use and manages the entire content lifecycle from creating files, sharing and co-editing, classification and retention.

Paradiso LMS box integration enables to manage and share files safely and securely. Explore to learn more about how Paradiso LMS box integration makes it easy for your teams to collaborate on the most critical content, which boosts productivity.

paradiso Box integration

Paradiso LMS-Box Integration Features

Secure and Easy Collaboration

Secure and Easy Collaboration

With Box integration, users can edit, save and access LMS files without leaving Box. Members can co-edit files in real-time in LMS, while the files are automatically managed and saved in Box.

Centralize all your Information

Centralize all your Information

Our Paradiso LMS Box integration provides you with a more flexible and faster way to update and access your content right in the LMS. Also, centralization of all your data on Box helps to connect quickly with members.

Access from Any Device

Access from Any Device

Paradiso LMS box integration empowers employees to work effectively and efficiently by allowing employees mobile access to Box content from LMS. Your employees can get the ability to view and access the training program.

Move between platforms easily with SSO

Move between platforms easily with SSO

Signing with different credentials for each application you utilize is always irritating. Box for Paradiso integration provides a single sign-on that enables team members to access the entire toolbox with a single click.

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How Paradiso can Benefit

paradiso Box integration
  • Paradiso LMS is an award-winning LMS that helps deliver learning anywhere and anytime with its robust learning management platform. It offers 100+ integration solutions with valuable systems and applications.
  • Paradiso LMS Box integration is user-friendly and allows unlimited, secured data storage. Also, users can access and manage box content with the LMS and experience uninterrupted learning.
  • Enables users to collaborate with team members and share data easily. Box for Paradiso Integration not only increases retention but also improves your team’s engagement.
  • Helps to reduce workforce challenges, upskills learners on your products, and offers a platform for the company to market new products to customers and partners.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

What other integrations does Paradiso LMS provide?

Paradiso LMS provides 100+ seamless integrations with the most popular and premium software. We integrate with software like Salesforce, HubSpot, Sugar CRM, ERP etc. Our integrations allow you to deliver, share and communicate within the platform efficiently, eliminating the need to switch platforms.

Can I access box integration with my LMS credentials?

Once you login into Paradiso LMS, you can get quick access to your software ecosystem and view all the content, files and other activities directly within the Box platform using one single set of credentials. With SSO, you can seamlessly switch between platforms, portals and applications.

Can I sync data between the two platforms?

Yes, with the help of integration and SSO, you can sync all your data related to courses. Learning plans, enrollments, users and much more data can be synced easily between two platforms.

What are the initial set-up fees?

Well, Paradiso LMS costing is tailor-made as per your requirement; you can select the plan with the integrations that are best suited for your business. Our eLearning expert can help you make the best and most economical plan for you.

What about customizations? Will I be charged?

Paradiso is a fully customizable platform; you can personalize it as per your requirements, and also our customization charges are economical depending on your project needs and plans.

Paradiso Box Integration

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