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Integrum Technologies

Integrum Technologies provides end-to-end HRMS solutions to help companies manage their human resource activities. The world around HR functions is changing and being digital is paramount.

The adoption of new technologies to offer assistance in avoiding mundane tasks and bringing efficiency in business processes is on the rise. Employee experience is no longer a good-to-have option but an inherent need. Data churned from different transactions is required for deep insights and informed decision making. Integrum offers a unified HR platform, with AI-assisted recruitment solutions to automated payroll, that will transform your organization and make it future-proof.

Product Offering

Recruitment Software

HYRE - Recruitment Software

A one-stop solution for recruiters and hiring managers to source and hire the best candidates. HYRE is unmatched as a human resource recruitment software.

HR Onboarding Software

PORT - HR Onboarding Software

A workflow-driven solution to conveniently onboard new hires and to never miss out on any required candidate information and documents. PORT is quite easy to use and can be customized to your needs.

HR and Payroll Software

APPI - HR and Payroll Software

APPI offers for the first time in India payroll software that lets you complete your payroll and salary process in just two simple steps you can experience the change.

Performance Management Software

RISE - Performance Management Software

Measure and govern the performance of members, identify top talent and provide meaningful feedback at regular intervals. RISE or Regular Individual Success Evaluation is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that helps you configure, track, and monitor an employee’s key performance indicators.

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How Paradiso LMS works with Integrum Technologies

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