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Increase enrollments, foster mastery, and improve course completion rates in a timely manner with Motrain, a gamification-incentives platform designed for Moodle and Totara. By creating a unique reward system for each group of learners that can include real items and/or opportunities, Motrain strengthens a learner’s connection to their instruction and their organization.

Motrain is perfect for:

Extended enterprise

Extended enterprise

Extended enterprise

Customer / Partner / Franchisee training

Extended enterprise

Employee training - onboarding, upskilling

Motrain introduces virtual coins to the LMS which are earned for completing activities and courses. They can be spent on any kind of incentives offered by the learner’s organization. Organizations can offer direct purchasing of items or put coveted items in a raffle draw or auction that learners can buy into. Learners can pool their coins together and contribute them towards a collective goal, like a charity or fundraiser. Stir up friendly competition with a competitive and collaborative leaderboard.

Marketing and affiliate teams can get involved and offer branded company products while taking advantage of Motrain’s easy-to-use ordering tools, including shipping integration. Create unlimited unique reward stores for each cohort of learners and provide a personalized experience.

Want to explore how Paradiso LMS works with Motrain?


How Paradiso LMS works with Motrain

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