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Product training has moved away from the classroom toward online learning. Paradiso product knowledge training ensures that professionals and learners can communicate effectively and enthusiastically, building trust and confidence. eLearning solutions for your training can be in the form of videos, mobile learning courses, microlearning nuggets, or even job training program can aids. With expertise in creating customized online solutions, Paradiso solutions have used all these to create effective product training courses.

When the right strategies are put in place, online learning has a lot to offer for training implementation. Paradiso eLearning solutions for training can be in the form of videos, mobile learning courses, microlearning nuggets, etc. Depending on the learners’ roles and responsibilities, the training program can focus on different aspects, have different learning goals, and bring different benefits to your business.

To Help You Most in Your Training, Paradiso Solutions Create Different Learning Programs

  • Product Training for Sales Reps

Product training program from Paradiso Solutions will give sales reps a crystal-clear demonstration of the product’s features and help sales reps to help, sell and promote the product with ease. The more clarity about ROI, pricing, customization; sales rep has in understanding product, the better their communication with prospects.

Training for Sales Reps
  • Product Knowledge Training for Customer Service

Product Knowledge Training for Customer Service

Customer service employees present themselves as supportive professionals trying their best to offer high-level assistance to customers. With an online product training program, they will be aware of all the technical aspects of the product. Furthermore, they will be able to answer all the frequently asked questions and help business to improve retention.

  • Product Training for a Marketing Department

Marketers don’t need to dive deep into technical aspects; they instead need to understand customer pains. With online training, marketing individuals can analyze the customer base that will help them to gauge what kind of audiences are most likely to buy your product and why.

Training for Marketing Department
  • Product Training for Customers

Customers Training with Paradiso

With Paradiso solutions, product training for customers can take the form of an online knowledge base with instructions, how-to videos, and webinars. Depending upon your products complexity, features and functionality, customers will need more information when they start using it.

  • Online Product Training for Partners

A well-informed partner will bring you a lot of new customers, but if the partner lacks product knowledge, they will most probably become a source of reputation risks and an endless flow of angry customers. Paradiso solutions provide your partner’s sales team with the same information as your own sales department.

OnlineTraining for Partners
  • Product Knowledge Training for all New Hires

Product Training for all New Hires

Paradiso believes in providing basic online training in onboarding program for new hires of all departments. This will help them understand the company they have joined and its product and services, its value, and why its audience appreciate it.

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Types of Product Knowledge Training

The importance of offline training has only grown in importance with the rise of online programs, but you need a degree of planning to leverage the two seamlessly. Paradiso has put together some best practices for moving toward a more integrated online and offline training program. Online product training can be held in many different ways. It could be in the form of educational articles; it can be an in-house eLearning course designed via LMS. Or with some training software in the form of a downloadable mobile app.

  • Paradiso Offers Offline and Online Product Knowledge Training

Paradiso offers offline and online product knowledge training. It comes with downloadable content support, with which employees can grab required course they need without an internet connection. As a result, they have more confidence in the workplace and can mitigate risks. Speaking of online training, you can provide your learners with online training platform for storing and distributing learning materials as per learner’s choice.

Paradiso Offers Offline and Online Product Knowledge Training
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Training

Synchronous and Asynchronous Product training program

Synchronous training allows your learners and instructor to interact with each other and continue the learning in a specific virtual space at a given time. In synchronous training courses, instructors commonly take note of learner’s presence, the same as they would in a lecture hall. Some methods of synchronous online learning include video conferencing, teleconferencing, live-streamed lectures, and live chatting viewed in real-time. Speaking of asynchronous learning, learners can access and complete the course at their own pace. Few methods of asynchronous product training are pre-recorded virtual content, online discussion boards, virtual libraries, online lecture notes, etc.

Why Paradiso?

Paradiso is a multiple award-winning and cloud-based online training vendor that helps deliver corporate learnings anytime, anywhere with its robust learning management platform. The platform simplifies online training for your employees, partners, and customers and offers 100+ integrations with valuable systems and applications.

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