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As a result of COVID-19, most businesses have had to adopt remote work policies on short notice. Therefore, it can be challenging to provide the critical training and resources that employees require to succeed in their roles when they are dispersed and remote. In addition, making the switch from an office to a work-from-home environment can be difficult, so businesses must have the right Remote Training Software to ensure a seamless transition. You’ll be able to keep your team informed and well-trained regardless of where they are.

How Remote Training software
makes it easier for teams to grow from home?

With Remote Training Software, you can quickly provide the latest policies, products, and processes to team members working at home. A learning solution aids in the creation of learning programs and assessments that effectively support remote employees by removing time and distance barriers.

The Paradiso mobile-friendly learning management system (LMS) centralizes training and knowledge sharing. You can create engaging learning programs with Paradiso by choosing from various available lesson types. These courses can be consumed in smaller chunks at your employees’ leisure. You can also use quizzes and assessments to ensure that your employees understand what they’ve learned.

How Remote Training software makes it easier for teams to grow from home

Why train your employees
through Remote Training Software?

Employees can train/learn anywhere and anytime with remote workforce training software. As a result, they can take charge of their training at a time and place that is convenient for them. The learning management capabilities of Paradiso assist you in effectively engaging and training your remote workforce. In addition, because remote workforce training can track the training, it can assist organizations in monitoring their learners’ engagement and progress. Allow employees working at various job sites or shift schedules easy access to courses and industry-specific materials. Provide your employees with access to the training they need from any location and time.

Remote Workforce Training Software Tools

Video sharing platform

sharing platform

Communicate and train effectively over the internet. Video conferencing and interactive screen sharing tools create a whole new way of communicating.

Questionnaires, polls, and more!

polls, and more!

Create a meaningful interaction to engage your remote workforce. For example, ask learners to respond with a simple yes/no or create a survey and view the results in real-time.

Breakout rooms and Whiteboards

Breakout rooms
and Whiteboards

In a live online environment, encourage collaboration and simulate classroom breakout sessions. In addition, interactions are made easier with virtual whiteboards and chat messaging.

Blended learning


Run multi-session and multi-activity courses. You can build courses with Paradiso that include multiple live online sessions, face-to-face events, and eLearning activities.

Features of Remote Training software

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

In the future, e-learning will be based on mobile learning or M-Learning. Mobile learning facilitates an engaging and simplified learning process by allowing employees to learn whenever and wherever they want. Paradiso LMS combines the power of M-Learning with the power of social learning, allowing for a much more vivid picture of how remote employees learn, where they learn, and what tools they use to do so.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports

Your LMS's eLearning Reports are vital. They are designed to help you gather information from your platform and learn as much as you want from your users' interactions with the platform and the courses. With Paradiso LMS Reports, you can gather data about your users, courses, and system, allowing you to assess and improve your eLearning strategies. Paradiso LMS reports are highly customizable. For example, you can create graphs, add reports to the dashboard, and download or email them.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

For training a remote workforce, an easy-to-navigate interface is vital. Training a remote workforce requires high levels of user engagement to stay attentive and perform well in training sessions. For this reason, having an intuitive interface that understands the functional role of trainees is mandatory. Paradiso LMS has the best user interface that is designed keeping in mind the nature of the task, and the overall objective of the training. As a result, we deliver a seamless user experience while using the LMS that drives employee engagement cost-effectively.



Paradiso makes the remote workforce training experience as seamless as possible. For example, when you use the Paradiso Single Sign On (SSO) API, your remote workforce can sign into your LMS from another application with a single click, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between the two applications. This saves the employee's time, effort, and attention that can be channelled towards their training.

Web Conferencing Software

Web Conferencing Software

Face-to-face interactions are not the only benefit of Paradiso's web conferencing software. The best-in-class web conferencing LMS feature of Paradiso allows users to broadcast online meetings to large groups of passive viewers and share their screens. Small-business VOIP packages convert video and audio calls. It can also connect to shared sessions without creating new connections. As a result, Web Conferencing Software is the most effective tool for success in training the remote workforce to be corporate and assimilate trends.

Benefits of Remote Training Software

Benefit of Remote Training Software
Improving Accessibility

Improving Accessibility

Allows learners to access training materials whenever they need them easily. Learners can log into their platform and access courses from anywhere.

Boost Employee Engagement

Boost Employee Engagement

Using integrated web-conferencing tools, create an interactive and engaging learning experience. Learners can participate in forums and ask questions in real-time if you share your video, audio, slides, and desktop with your team.

Reduce the cost of training

Reduce the cost of training

Reduce the costs of traditional face-to-face training. Having your training and materials available online allows you to manage and deliver your training program more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Keep an eye on your efficiency

Keep an eye on your efficiency

Pre-built and customized reports help you keep track of your remote team's training progress. Use critical KPIs to identify gaps and ensure that your learners receive the best possible training.

As a remote training
software, Paradiso LMS is ideal

The remote workforce training capabilities of Paradiso assist you in effectively engaging and managing your remote workforce. It provides a comprehensive platform for creating effective training programs, assessing employee comprehension, and tracking their activity and progress.

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